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  1. How dare ellez claim they're someone they're obvs not.

    The real Ellez was nice enough to right their wrongs by giving people who were scammed free hte passes.

    The phony one would start badmouthing everyone and ruining the ellez name on forums.

    To the Ellez who walled me and pmed me offering sympathies, you are truly a great individual and no matter what this other immature and lesser Ellez says about you, I want you to know...

    You are pretty chill unlike your disgusting cohorts that ravage the cesspool that is THE VACATION

  2. Your right
  3. Awful clan
  4. Have fun sorting the fake passes from the real passes
    Keep harrassing me boi and see where ken takes u
  5. The vacation is a horrible clan the admins there will lie and steal from you don't drop seals at the vacation
  6. All publicity is good publicity. Ijs
  7. You have 4 posts.... Nobody cares too much about your opinion. Anyways good luck growing i don't suggest going to the vacation if you want to grow quickly
  8. Lmao so many alts around and you hate on my 4 posts.this makes 5 and what i said still is just matter of fact.
  9. I agree if you want to grow quickly go to vamps retreat you will grow very quickly
  10. All facts are just opinions that you believe *moonface*
  11. Thats not what a fact is at all...
  12. What is a fact, I can say God exists and that is a fact. While others can say he doesn't and that is a fact. So please tell me why a fact is not a opinion/matter of opinion?
  13. Facts are backed up with evidence lmao god cant be proven real or not. If you dont know difference between fact and opinion, theres no hope for you. Oh and pinky said hit him since u like to hate on tiny alts :lol: post #7
  14. Salty you really are as dumb as you make yourself seem a fact is a opinion but that how it starts once enough evidence is brought to the table to make the statement undeniably true at that moment it is made a fact your god statement is irealevent if u think there is a god and i think there is no god we are not both stateing facts we are both stateing opinions so in the biggest sense you can say the vacation sucks will scam you blah blah blah but at the end of the day this post means nothing and will always mean nothing because its just yalls opinions everybodies got em some are good some are bad and then you have people like you salty who cant tell there ass from a hole in the ground and dont know what a opinion is lmao 
  15. For real 10 pages of bashing a single clan? What the hte yelp page thing wasn't enough? Move on folks! Why hasn't a mod locked this garbage yet?
  16. Last I checked Salty, it's only the salty followers that hate The Vacation. Just putting that out there for all you salty scrubs.
  17. That's the dumbest thing you've said yet Salty. It's not a fact or an opinion. It's a Belief and obviously you are too dumb to know that.
  18. Because they don't care.
  19. Butthurt much ? :lol:
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Not open for further replies.