The upgrade challenge

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  1. I think we all know that making money from the battle list is hard. Not because of retaliation but because of pots. Def pots are whats really killing the war aspect of this game. My only goal with this challenge is to prove that u dont need to hit osfs to advance.
  2. true but you are at a much disadvantage when you don't use OSF. that just how it is, get with the program man :)
  3. I agree. You should be saying " to NOT make money from OSF's, fake plunder wars or inactives". Even if someone levels using an inactive, they still won't know how to fight.

    I personally made my first 10k battles on real opponents without a clan. No OSF, no pw, and No inactive. This was fine to a certain point, but when my opponents reached lcbc status there were too many OSF's in the battle list and everyone complained at me to "leave the OSF alone""

    The game IS unplayable against real opponents - I've tried and failed. It is too difficult to find real opponents.

    There is no difference between a OSF or inactive - they both don't defend themselves and both don't need pots to hiit.
  4. I can go play xbox if I want to make my way on my own. This is a massive MULTIPLAYER mmorpg. I enjoy knowing that other players have helped me get where I am and that I can return the favor. This game would suck and I'd have quit 2 weeks in if I hadn't stumbled upon some truly great and generous people. people.
  5. Lol. Where'd the other "people." come from? Oops
  6. Btw im not against real plunder wars. Just the fake ones. Its not about the honorable way to play. Its about self reliance. Owning your own upgrades. Im also not saying never hit osfs. The challenge is one upgrade. Then go back to the way u like to play.
  7. maki
  8. I don't think I would call this a Role Playing Game. It's not a MMORPG in the strict sence because there is no direct interaction between players.

    That said, I'm not sure what I would call it. Not a MUD either...
  9. Just finding a way to upgrade once without osfs fake plunder wars or bought nobs. This is the challenge.
  10. There is no difference between an inactive or OSF. the both don't fight back.

    Include inactives in your challenge and it makes sence, otherwise you are just saying the challenge is to level like you do.
  11. The 2nd paragraph there...

  12. Um ok I make my money the old fashion way anyway
  13. I did it in a day
  14. I lc'd and achieved my current build on inactives, other players, and quests. I think I deserve a break:)
  15. what u mean by fake plunder wars?
  16. Inactives r easy to find till t2 as up to middle t2/t3 hits give low plunder any t4 will have a lot of trouble without osf in equal position its d struggle of top chain food