The Universe is NOT Infinite [Strong Evidence]

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    Just because what is outside our universe is nothing doesn't mean he is wrong.
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    You seem to think that infinity is a property of nature, but it is merely a word made by man. And this argument depends on your definition of infinity. Truthfiully, I believe that the world did start at siomepoint, but by our relative viewpoint, is infinite
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    I really like the string of science based threads coming out it's refreshing. That being said, why are you so hung up on time? I didn't read the 20 pages of comments but time is relative, so how can universal time ever be truly established? Good read.
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    Some infinities are bigger than others ...
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    Infinite does not necessarily mean it is all filled with stuff

    If you traveled to the end of stuff, you could still go farther but it would just be an endless vacuum, just because there is no matter or energy there doesn't mean the physical space isn't there.
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    If you look at it this way, chances are. Its not infinite, but what's beyond the boundary's of space? In the long run, the human race has not been around for very long (in the comparison to how long there has been life on earth, or even how long our solar system has been around) and due to us not have been on earth very long, our technology must be very primitive to anything that is beyond our own solar system. Space is vast, diverse, obviously there's going to be more out there, not just humans but other life. Saying that there has to be other speculations as to what the galaxy is. Sure, maybe the galaxy is not infinite. But you nor me will ever explore it, or see past our own sky. We will not have the technology for interstellar travel for a long time. Longer then a human life time, that is unless the normal human life span is altered somehow in the future with our technology. Saying this. For all we know, the galaxy is infinite and even if its not. There's so much out there to explore... We will never be able to discover it all, even if we try.
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    If in fact the universe is expanding, constantly, then that does mean that it shall be infinite because like I said in my last comment. By the time we discover and search one area. A new area will be waiting to be discovered. Its a never ending process!
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    I thought expansion of the universe was speeding up, not slowing down?
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    Here's where you're wrong. They had different technologies at the time, but they happened to have that same technology at that time. Take the printing press. The one invented in Europe was developed independently from the ones made in China. Do people go around saying that aliens have the Chinese and Renaissance Europeans the magic of the printing press? Same thing here. And the pyramids are shaped different. The Mexican ones are flat topped, the Giza ones come to a pointed top. That's my two cents.
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    If it's speeding up it might require an energy input to do this
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    But it's actually increasing in it's speed of expansion.
    The speed of expansion is finite, which means that the universe cannot be infinite in age, considering it would have otherwise reached an infinite expansion speed.
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    First of all, it seems almost entirely accepted by the scientific community that the universe is not expanding into anything. It's not like pumping up a balloon in that sense - space is literally stretching, giving the impression that we are expanding. That is atleast what must physicists believe.
    Relating to your latter statement, I don't see why my OP wouldn't apply to a universe "expanding into nothing" (that is, if it really is). The fact of the matter is that we are living in a universe that ages; it doesn't matter what lies outside our "bubble". Time should apply in my first theory. Also, in the universe, it seems like entropy is a true concept - why should we think of what lies beyond our universe, when we clearly live in a sealed environment that would have anyway succumbed to a heat death at thermodynamic equilibrium if it had infinite age? Considering the potential void/multiverses is irrelevant. The laws I have mentioned apply right here in our universe, right now.
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    If it's outside our universe the imput could be some twisted perpetual motion machine which could theoretically make it infinite.
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    If what's outside?
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    The energy imput causing the universe to expand
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    [proof]Thermodynamics and crunch crunch[/proof]
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    Doesn't by definition the universe encompass everything? So therefore there is no outside
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    There is no logic in the universe.
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    I ascribe to parallel universe (multi universe) theory
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    I don't know what to think :lol: