The U.S./Iran Nuclear Deal

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  1. This.
  2. An opinion is what if we have a politician with power, fulfilling all of our political agendas. It's maybe a reward for in return allowing us to have further influence in their society.

    This is a high reward or an excuse to start a war later, we'd have several nations now who signed this contract. We'd unleash a fury of retaliation for any wrong doing. Keep in mind the United Nations doesn't really do much.

    WW2 was started because they let Germany do as they pleased despite having agreements to not expand. After they started expanding and invaded into Belgium, Britain and France declared war.

    Sudan was warned about his evil actions and yet started a war, it wasn't until years later when Kuwait was won that anyone stepped in and killed him.

    Fact is power hungry dictators will do what they want until it gets too far and war needs to happen.
  3. A group on 6 countries (P5+1)dont rule the world. Who are we to say countries cannot have nuclear facilities. Its one of the cleanest and most efficient energies around.
    Plus having nuclear materials and having nuclear missiles are two very different things. You dont just push loads of radioactive junk inside a bomb and off you go.
  4. A) No
    B) Yes - Japan WW2/ USSR Cold War
    C) Not Israel because the US are in bed with them
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  6. There is more items in this deal that are not being talked about.

    One big smoking gun of the agreement is that USA is the protector of Iran nuclear program from all outside forces willing to stop the progress, including Israel. If Israel decides that it is a possible threat and wants to act the USA will step in n Iran side as per agreement. Israel already has said that they will protect themselves without the backing of obama. Good for them.

    There is also back door deals. Behind USA back Iran made deals with the rest of the Union that they don't have to show their progress thus far and or any stock pile of nucs that they have already. Plus they are allowed to buy and sell weapons anywhere in the world without sanctions not that sanctions stopped them before.

    The back door deals should of be enough for senate to not pass this deal. 150 billion when our economy is in the tank should be another reason to sink this deal. I have a feeling that it won't matter. Even if it is voted down I believe that it still gets put into place.

    Sec of state Kerry says if senate votes against this Iran supreme leader will never trust us again......lmao !! Really who cares? The deal gives them everything that they want to build nucs, but obama couldn't get the 4 Americans held prisoner released ? Citing that Iran would ask for more. Wow.

    We are having problems with terrorism world wide and now we are willing to give them nuclear bombs that they can build, buy, and sell to anyone one worldwide without sanctions.

    Countdown to how long dirty bombs show up starts now.

  7. Tick tock. Only a matter of time.
  9. Wait, what? The leaders of Iran have said multiple times they think Israel should be wiped off the map and its people destroyed. Wtf you talking about Israel messing with them?

  10. If you are pertaining that western society are the "good ones" then you are primarily the reason why terrorists attack us. :lol: good is not a definitive word, good to you could be bad for someone else when in reality it just exists. We are just people, Iran is just people. They want to be respected and treated on an equal playing field rather than have "the good guys" sanction them, bring war to them and tell them how to run their country.

    Now before you get all political, I am a liberal but I am also a patriot, and a very very strong one at that. I do believe my nation is the best nation on this planet but I don't believe that gives us the excuse to control everyone else. It's called diplomacy, and it's the only damn way to stop constant war. I whole heartedly believe in my country's capability to stop one "big one" before it ever touches the boundaries of the US. Call me crazy, but I think we are better than a fearful society that "one nuke" will ever get to our homeland. Now thousands? That's a different story *cough* Russia *cough*.
  11. One thing to consider is this: i firmly believe that all humanity should have the right to pursue a better life. Nuclear power and technology is something that could help Iran with doing this. That being said, there are many factors to consider. Iran is a known terrorist supporter and hotbed for activity. Russia china north korea and other similar government-type countries are very excited for this deal... Why? Power and wealth. Trade routes for black market weapons etc shall open.

    Its the same principle as in the usa. I see many here posting and it got me thinking. People in America cant stand hate crimes, black lives matter movement, etc etc. Well, iran is basically like the prison system of countries. Iran had many chances but over the years has kept up its shenanigans and terroristic ideals. They make money off those who hate. And those who kill. Does a murderer, convicted by a jury of his peers, deserve to get new shiny toys and get a 52 day notice before his jail cell is searchdd? No..

  12. Interesting.
    Im sure they say the same about the US.
    We have had our nose in others business for hundreds of years. And we sponser rebel groups like its going out of style. Just depends whose eyes you see it through. We blindly support Israel when they regularly commit war crimes.
    Who are we to judge?

    Is Iran a direct threat to us? The middle East needs a stabilizing power that isn't America. Let them do whatever the hell they want. If they want to be aggressive towards our allies we can shove our foot up their ass then. If they want to live their lives and influence their part of the world then so be it. I have nothing against the Iranian people.

    I'm interested as to who thinks they could have gotten more. Or who would have us throw away our young men and women's lives in another war without reason, based on speculation of WMD'S. Because F that. Absolutely not. People who beat their chest for war have no stake in it.
  13. What I think should happen is I think the world (yes, the world) should collectively pool their resources to pursue further nuclear research which will open doors to clean nuclear power (using different elements such as thorium) that won't use tools that can create bombs.

    I think that it is possible, and if it is, it would revolutionize the world's energy system and make the world much better.
  14. This way we can give nuclear power to poor countries without the fear that it would increase the likelihood of nuclear war.
  15. It would certainly be nice to find a material that could provide power without the ability to be weaponized, like solar or wind power (although eventually, even those may be effectively weaponizable).

    However, in the meantime, a deal that allows for Iran to maintain a limited and peaceful nuclear program, while at the same time forcing Iran to reduce its nuclear capacity and submit to unfettered inspections, is the best option we have.

    It's absolutely amazing that some people would prefer to allow Iran to keep all its nuclear power plants enriching uranium, without any oversight or inspections, which is what we have without this agreement.
  16. Gaza is going to be overrun by ISIL. I don't see anyone out there complaining about it. I guess you blindly talk about stuff you don't know about.

    Come sit on my couch iOoz. Tell me about your childhood so we can figure out why you talk about Israel when you never been there.
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  18. The deal is okay. It won't stop any Iranian insurgencies, but hey. We shouldn't have been over there anyway. Our sanctions will not be effective moving forward, as our currency will be replaced as the global monetary unit. By 2025-2030 this will be painfully obvious.
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