The truth behind modern day osw

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  1. Isn't this the guy who said apoc would fall by April 26? Or 27? Lol. What a troll.
  2. I think newb age has him so frustrated he just needed to vent..๎„
  3. Go on pootin let it out ๎’
  4. ^ this is the point I would make

    Just because you can't osw if you don't do the events doesn't mean OSW is dead that just means you have to work harder for the ability to be successful
  5. Adaptability is survivability. Osw isn't dead. Just different.
  6. Vladimir puttin is poo trash๎€
  7. I can't adapt when I have people telling me not to strip.... honestly had more fun doing my own thing than being associated with any clan though
  8. Is that why you're in a clan now? And u let people dictate who you strip? Lol riiiiiight. Thats hard core