the tree that couldn't say no

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  1. Yea just read a salty one n u will see lots of effort here
  2. This is deep. I can relate to this. 
  3. Magoo - another level than us all like always 
  4. Are you a tree? Is that the lesson?

    I like trees.. 
  5. His mom is the tree, it's a euphemism ....
  6. This changed everything for me
  7. I have a rebuttal thread to this.
  8. Yes, do. It consists of even less effort than this one. Congratulations.
  9. Maybe it's better all round if trees just kept quiet 
  10. Trees have a right to a voice, and to have that voice heard goo..

    Don't try and silence the trees.. 
  11. Yeah guess I was barking up the wrong tree

  12. You're a tree hugger.

    Now everything makes since. Hippy.
  13. No one likes trees.
  14. there is it's called your big sister
  15. Was it a weeping willow, spruce, Redwood, or Jefferson Pine?
  16. Rusty is right? Are you hippy?
  17. Something tells me that's the only way you get laid
  18. If a tree doesn't say no in the woods and no ones there to hear it....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.