The Tragedy of the Forums

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  1. I miss the old forums. The forums that would keep you on this game 2-3 hours longer than you intended. When active topics would refresh every ~20mins. The days of talented writers keeping us entertained with fan fiction that tied into the lore of KaW and even implemented players should they request it. The aggressive white background which kept you awake at night so you could continue reading.

    I remember logging into KaW and sometimes not even bothering to unload my troops, be that in a PWar or the newly added EBs. I had lost interest in the game, and only stayed for the social life in the forums and the friends I had made.

    As I have been inactive for the past 3 Years ish, I was just wondering if anyone knew when the forums unfortunately died. And if so, why did they die?

    TL;DR forums used to be so good, what happened?
  2. You must be the most impressive lurker I've ever seen, 20 posts in 6 years! The things you must have seen...
  3. God I’m soooo glad that crap writing is gone. I mean it was just pictures along with some ego stroking description of ones clan members. How was that mind blowing.

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  4. The best material came from the goddess herself Susan

  5. ...there were times you were going to log off but KAW “ fan fiction” kept you on for 2-3 hours longer?? & this happened consistently?? trolling here


    .... GET A LIFE !!! (dead serious)

  6. I've been meaning to ask the same, minus the fan fiction part.
  7. This guy legit sounds like maybe he was enjoying the fan fiction a little TOO much... wink wink nudge nudge

    It blows my mind that I’m saying this, but Monkey is right. Please, dude, get a life. The forum is meant for casual browsing, not in-depth reading. If you spend too much time here, it’s like Chernobyl; you will get cancer.

    If you’re trying to figure out what happened, I’ll break it down for you. It’s a pretty good recipe:

    35% Developer Abandonment
    10% Trolling
    10% Idiot Moderators
    10% Cuck Valiant Knights
    10% Lack of Active Players
    10% Same Idiots posting and stroking each other.....s egos.
    5% Monkey (Yeah he gets a whole 5% to himself )
    5% People not understanding the mechanics of feeding a Troll
    5% People like you who come here and don’t realize the cancer that it is


  8. Just feels like we don't have the same number of active people in the forums anymore

    Didn't care for the fan fiction too much but the banter in the forums used to be pretty fun
  9. Support

  10. Support
  11. I just want Gangs at War back...
  12. This is why it’s important to read things in order, if you don’t you get it all wrong and end up looking a bit moist. It wasn’t the fan fiction that kept me in the forums for hours, but the constant flow of new threads with interesting discoveries about the game. We weren’t given the troop stats and such back in the day, we had to try and work them out (I say we, I never helped lol). It’s ok tho, as all you have known is but a small fragment of what the forums used to be.

  13. Hahaha not that kind of fan fiction on this game, it’s a 9+ remember. And trust me forums did not used to be cancer, maybe you only think that as you have only been active in the new era forums. Even so, the only cancer I can see is you switching from thread to thread either attempting to troll or attempting to be helpful. Wannabe valiant knight perhaps?
  14. Don't stress Twilight, Todd is just projecting his inner-most fears onto you.

    Anyway, you're a 7 year player which is rare. Personally as a long time forumer myself and as someone that considered fan fiction a giant memehole.

    Well I can wholeheartedly say, you picked the wrong category to align yourself with.

    Also with 1K posts, I don't know what you think you saw but I suppose it wasn't good enough to warrant responses. Rip.
  15. Response - 3/10

    Horrible grammar, sentence structure, and content. Failed attempt at trolling is failure.

    Try harder, you’re bad at this.

    Going to have to if you want to survive in this cancer.

    Ya fanfic weebo


  16. How many times did you reread your pathetic excuse of a comeback there? Just making sure there are no grammatical errors for fear of irony, am I right?

    Also, props for using your main for this one, and not having monkey try clap back, then you agree with “them”. Tbf when you did that the first time, I just knew that your testicles retreated into your pelvis years ago. Nice try tho buddy.

  17. ....hmmm seems to be a large gathering of men at your mother’s house, ima go check it out 