The time has come!

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  1. The time has come to finally give in to KAW. We have no choice but to chase equipment in order to compete in EE and OSW. Why focus on spending on crux, nobs etc when we can just trade for equipment.

    The game now has become A trading game. This update only opens up doors for bullying. Clans now can gang up on a player until they quit or give up their equipment.

    Below is a great way to exploit the game:
    To all of KaW. I will buy your equipment for gold, seal, circles or allies hires. Follow me and we can trade.
    Create multiple Alts and transfer equipment.

  2. We don't need people to have insane amounts of bfe tho.Plus it's not reliable,you can't be assured that I will hire your ally after you trade me 12 equipment pieces and that would be a scam.
  3. Him being LB is enough of a "security". I have also gotten pmed for my t100 eb gear for seals/circles. This system is very exploitable 
  4. It's going to happen either way and it sucks. I agree with you all the people scamming.
  5. another nail in the coffin instead of a brick in the building.
  6. its enough now , tbh devs squeezing out money from legends and then kaw is dead after... gold and bfa nothing now...only equip ... whats the use spending loads of time Just to see in last u made a new update that gonna screw history of kaw ... :((((not good devs
  7. seals for 40K equip, hmu ;)
  8. Just for you
  9. lol exploiting and bullying in kaw at its finest
  10. Most bullies are lb players tho using alts on war clans. This post make no sense. I know there some good lb players but majority play like two face
  11. Op, you get a big fat zero for not thinking this through. Trading is for charms only.

    And as for bullying, seriously? Where's your proof that people would/will/are bullying other players for charms? All it takes is a screenshot. You get caught, you get banned. Who's going to do that for a charm ffs?

    Trading is a good thing imo. For players with disused alts, why shouldn't they be able to reap the rewards of their work.

    Only thing I don't like is that this opens the door for devs to include bfe in war matchups. It'd be fair to do so, granted, but I like that bfe is an ace in the hole when ee-ing.
  12. All equipment can be transmuted into charms... Then traded so the op is correct.

    'Trading is a good thing', there is no known cap on the amount of BFE which you can receive via charms. Need I say anymore or can you already see why trading is NOT a good thing?
  13. It's not the same thing. Charms give a fraction of the bfe that equip does. How is this the same as trading equip?

    Are you really that simple or are you just grasping for anything that resembles a reasonable argument?

    In order to have that much of an impact, you'd need multiple long term accounts with lots of charms. Not easy for most of us. But yes, trading can be exploited.

    That's why I followed up with the what I'm sure the devs will do at some point: include bfe in matchups. I don't like it, but they'd have to to keep any semblance of a level playing field.
  14. You don't see the bigger picture lol. Over just a few events an acc can have 1/1/1/1 in charms for static bfe. They move all those to 1 acc with already 1/1/1/1. Then u go again and again. Builds up to a massive amount of static which is unneeded as you didn't work hard for it for played directly to the devs for it(xtals used for gold on ebs duh). Your stupidity astounds me
  15. It's the fact that they stack up, which is where the problem is going to develop

    Not sure op was clear on that

    I've tested this more than once with mithril equipment, bought crap mithril equipment transmuted it then bought it again and transmuted it again

    Is the same with normal eb drops, it's crap even as a charm you stack up 500 of anything and your going to be over powered

    As far as farming clans with cf terms is give me your crap, I mentioned this in world chat earlier and it might have inspired this thread

    This is what the devs want, they know what they're doing, they don't play kaw but they want you to

    They want to make kaw more like that dorm game, where players actually fight
  16. You are correct Faust. This is the time where we all need to create Alts then transfer to our main. If we don't, we need to get equipment other ways as paying cash, gold, seals circles etc...
    if not we will get left behind and all the time we spend BC and getting bfa is a waste. People will stack equipment and it will get ridiculous if dev don't fix this.
  17. Building up bundles of items from multiple accounts is absolutely doable if folks have the time and money to do it. I don't think I've disputed that. Have you read the entire thread or are you just shooting your mouth off?

    And like x_x notes, the same could be done pretty easily with a specific piece of mith equip. That tactic isn't new, but yeah, doing this across several accounts could create a pretty decent bfe lift.

    The fact that a select few could do this (if it's so op, why aren't you planning to do it?) isn't reason enough for me personally to knee-jerk react and tell the devs they blew it.

    I can say that for myself, I'm not going to bother farming and hoarding bfe to one account. Too much work, too much time, too much money.

    But I am very pleased that I can finally consolidate--to some extent anyway--my accounts.

    The devs will most certainly start taking bfe into account for ee matchups at some point, so until that time, there may be some pretty unhittable opponents in war. Here's a hint: it's going to be the same folks that have always been unhittable. No real big difference, give or take a few opponents. Not big news if you ask me.

    So if people do hoard bfe, what's the other reasonable outcome, outside of potentially unbalancing ee wars?

    More pvp. People could hoard bfe instead of bfa. I would love to see this to be honest. Protecting one's bfa makes people think twice about hitting bl or other randos. Without bfa to protect, I think we'd see a lot more chaos in kaw, which as I think I've said before, I'm all for.

    Yeah, I've heard that before.
  18. Lol I saw this earlier and I just now stopped laughing,

    Do you think someone going to get banned for farming?

    Devs are just going to laugh at you and welcome you to kingdoms at war.

    Don't confuse bullying with harassing, bullying is when a whole clan farms a kingdom for no good reason, getting put in CA just because someone put you there.

    Most people who are perm farms at clans have earned it one way or other and they're often proud of it

    Clans just picking random person to farm permanently for no reason is pretty rare, clans that do that don't really last very long, I could be wrong, but no one will ever be banned by the devs for doing it.

    The kaw community used to frown on that kind of activity, but maybe being motivated by the lure of the shiny stuff, it may just change
  19. I doubt it's worth farming anyone for their items personally. Most a regular player can farm is another regular player. That regular player most likely play on his free time after work. He will hardly have anything to give anyway. This scare tactics really annoying and if you look about the stats of this complainers they most likely in top 100 lb. When new land and buildings come out this player jump around like monkeys to thanks devs of the update. Now there is new update which targeted for all players. They comeout screening "OH THE HUMANITY ITS THE END OF THE WORLD OF KAW". There is far sinister things in kaw other than ATA update. They wouldn't say nothing about it of help stop it because they wouldn't want to offend a certain group. They scared of them because can harm them and take their fake gold in 5 minutes