The Swarmlantern's Fire

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  1. The drop rate isn't the only problem, ppl are charging what you'd pay in charms for a seal. You get the medallions in either free or royal boxes. They are a not an exclusive rarity to royals. I'm just throwing it out there.
  2. Sellers market. I got an ASW throne I’ll sell ya for 100b. Think that’s nuts? Then don’t buy it.
  3. Does anyone know the banner stats?
  4. Max stats are posted, dunno what the different levels stats are. Hopefully more folks will post them :)
  5. Got out my magnifying glass...can read that small print now 
  6. Will castle code work for this?
  7. My trader medallions can't be traded. They are stuck in my inventory and not in my showcase. Help plz
  8. Medallions (volana and trader) don't show in your showcase, only trade tokens do. Medallions are still tradeable, but finding them in the trade window can be a pain (I usually sort all by recent). If they really don't show, please put in a ticket.
  9. Green, you're going to have to talk to the main if you want to make that deal. That's where the charms go.
  10. It's an alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt world.

  11. Support
  12. I believe there needs to be a reduction in the amount of medallions required and the amount of tokens required to max out the banner! A jump from 20 to 50 is astronomical and for free to play players who follow the TOS and not have alts its a very difficult task considering free chests only drop 1 token if your lucky and you can only get a total of 28 free chests which means 28 medallions! I think there either needs to be a reduction on the amount required for both or increase the drop of the medallions in free chests and not only have the benefit in royals, and increase the token drops from free chests. I understand people have achieved it already but these are people who either have been fortunate enough to open royals, alt farmers, or charm hoarders!
  13. Totally agree 
  14. Totally agree 
  15. That's not in the TOS anymore. It now says "create an excessive number of accounts beyond that which are realisticly playable"
  16. what a bunch of moaning im reading here lol

    Firstly good job ata for thinking outside the box and varying events lately.

    Ok so just gonna point out some FREE boxes are giving out multiple medallions per box. So there is an element of luck

    but the biggest thing imma point out is medallions are tradable - yes tradable - so if you dont want to spend on royal boxes then you can gasp trade

    You dont get everything in life for free and ata have given you a p2p option and a f2p option - but still people moan lol  Stop expecting EVERYTHING handed to you on a plate when lately kaw been extremely generous to f2p players
  17. ️
  18. Well said
  19. so we know what the max banner stats are...
    now anyone who can say what the initial stats are?
    ... and how many continental tokens for ea upgrade?
  20. Nobody has posted level stats in forums yet, but tokens per upgrade was posted in this thread.