The statless pandemic

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  1. I was laying in bed thinking to myself and I thought came to my head that changes everything.

    Nobody is really statless but we consider anyone at or below 1000Cs to be statless

    But someone who is bc (maxed around 150mcs) is 150,000x a statlesses size
    But technically statless is 0stats, therefore 0x 150,000 is still 0, meaning we're all technically statless.

    Discuss below.
  2. That's so deep.mind blown.
  3. Datz not how math works m8.
  4. nice recruitment thread

    doesnt have bbcodes though :/
  5. Close your eyes
  6. how stoned are you?
  7. Very
  8. This really opened my eyes and changed my way of thinking.
  9. Silph is statless confirmed

  10. Yes
  11. But Math works and that is all you'll ever need to know
  12. ...well the square root of 4 is 2. Since 2 is half of 4 shouldn't the square root of 2 be half of 2, which is one?

    Just like the OP this is flawed logic

  13. I see what you mean but the pink horse would only potato the grapefruit on Tuesday
  14. I think he meant to say spineless... Not statless

    Oh look a gif

  15. ...but hey that is how we forum/debate here in KAW forums right? ...noone cares about truths or being actually right. It's all about egos here
  16. Who doesn't love a good ego.

  17. I 100% agree does make things funner
  18. I like my ego big
  19. For a long, long, long time