The Sleeper of Elrengoth Forest

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Wow, war rewards suck!
  2. It seemed good until it took 100 nobs to open the eb 
  3. No support
  4. Why won't normal druid key open druid chest, but gold key that costs 10 nobs will ?
  5. Wow I decided to see what this event was's terrible .
  6. All the bs at the start masks another event.
  7. Well CLASH OF CLANS here I come....
  8. Talk about socking it to the players, I think devs have dreams of grandeur AGAIN. New epic is more costly & to open the box you need 10 nobs, cause 5k gold won't open it, system replies "not enough." Will this be the standard reply now, for everything we try? MORE EXPENSIVE PAY TO PLAY EPICS AND BOXES THAT COST 10 NOBS TO OPEN? I think devs need to come back to Earth with the rest of us & quit dreaming of sugar plums & Christmas stockings over-flowing with real life gold.
  9. I would hope I get a coffer drop but it costs 25 nobs to open xD this event is a damn joke, 100-200 nobs to open the eb, and if you get the best drop another 25 just to use it xD what a joke
  10. Appears the free key to open boxes doesn't work... Perhaps a ploy to get us buying even more nobs for gold keys....
  11. I am sure they are gonna fix it.. maybe give us free xtals too :)
  12. Hopefully free nobs at the rate this damn event costs
  13. TWENTY DOLLARS TO OPEN THE NEW EB..and it DOESNT even pay half of zta lol? What. The. ??
  14. $10 for level 1 and $20 for level 4 and seeing as level 2 hasn't been finished yet I assume you haven't wasted $20 on it.
  15. Using 25 noob key for box gave me 3 sod- it also gave clanny 7 xstal for box. So it was worth the 25 noobs to be honest.
  16. Who the hell cares
  17. Tldr version please?
  18. This is hilarious. Talk about trying to suck the last bit of marrow from the bones of this dying community. It's like the devs want to kill this game.
  19. Possibly worse idea to date
  20. I saw something about 4 difficulties and crap thinking "hey! They used a good idea!" And then I realized it takes $10-$20 to open the eb :lol: