The Shadofael: Banners and Battle Pass!

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  1. Not much feedback from devs on the suggestions above, doesn’t seem like we’ll see extra wing this week. But! There’s another easy way to salvage the event and avoid all of the Bad Sentiment you can see only just beginning above:

    Extend the event with another 3-7 days of legends

    or just give everybody 250 wing as an apology for server errors during an event with unannounced perfect completion requirements

    could prolly think of more too. Lots of ways to address that are more empathetic than completely ignoring the userbase. ;-)
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  2. I would love to see a poll on this, how many ppl are actually satisfied with this events mechanics.
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  3. You have got to be kidding!!! I missed one day only and I ca.t get the final chest rewards!! Like you need to extend this event for 2 more weeks!! If not you are all scammers!! and you will all lose many players and any kind of respect!! Please fix it and by fix it I mean extend event for 2 more weeks.
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  4. Any update on adding more time for us??? I’ve spent so much money on this event and missed ONE day. I’m so far behind I don’t even know how. My banner is level 3 and it goes up to 16????? WHAT??? I’m not even remotely close and I missed only a day
  5. Free ug parts should be given to everybody to make it so the banner will be higher than lv2 at the end of event
  6. The thing that annoys me the most is this; “...
    There are weekly and 28-day (monthly) quests, which can be completed by doing 7 or 28 days of daily Shadofael quests, or other methods if you miss a day.” Please note *if you miss a day* no mention of needing perfect attendance for the top rewards and its misleading to “if you miss a day” without it actually help you reach the rewards weve paid for the pass to get.
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  7. Stop dumping money on a free mobile game, hope you guys learn from this
  8. That's cute
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  9. From looking at these forums, it looks like im gonna have a pretty rare pet and weapon:)

    Too bad its ugly - otherwise i could sell it for quite a bit

    I hope the post event banner upgrade drops are good. I care about a new strong banner much much more than a pet and I think many other players share that sentiment. That's your chance to redeem yourself @ATA-Will and others
  10. Thanks for the extra legends, appreciated 👍👍
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  11. Why didn’t the chests drop for premium ebs like advertised in original post? I’m 50 shy of 7800 not sure how but even then I can’t ug but to level 3? How are we supposed to get to level 16?
  12. No offense, but adding a couple of extra daily legends on the last day doesn't help at all. I missed a total of 4 days due to moving and a new job, one of them being a Wednesday (and I wasted chimes and seals to make up the other incomplete weeklys/monthlys). So while it is nice to throw a couple more 50 wing legends on the last day (with no warning, might I add), it doesn't do anything for people who missed a Wednesday, when the weekly/monthy legend ends. That means that even if I do the extra ones, I'm still 350 wings short. And I garentee there are people that quit doing the dailies when they realized they couldn't get the whole thing, so doing this at the end with no warning whatsoever means nothing. To me, this is just adding salt to a wound. I paid enough nobs to make up 2 monthlys and 3 weeklys on top of the pass and all you give us is a half ***ed fix. You guys should either be refunding us our nobs or giving everyone who made it to the second to last legend the pet.
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  13. yea yea yea im feeling happy now, sometime we must not curse our devs, because we dont know what goodness they have in store for us in the end on shadofael drops☺️😊😉😁🥰😃 good to keep our fingers cross.:)
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  14. Lvl 3 is weaker than the one equipped on this account. I hope they can be upgraded in future legends.
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  15. Came here for knowledge. I still don’t know what a Battle Pass is or does. :(
  16. 200 Away from 2800. 5 hours left. No 325 legend or anything to at least get someone over the hump. As far as the upgrade materials: This will just join all the other equipment that didn’t have enough special items to upgrade. I never learn my lesson.
  17. I will never give this game another dime 😊👌💨
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  18. Did the full 56 days and I’ve gotta level 3 banner lol how do I get to level 16 ?