The Shadofael: Banners and Battle Pass!

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  1. Incredibly disappointed to find out, after spending nobs on the pass, and on premium items to catch up on 7/28 day legends, that if you missed even one day of daily legend you can’t claim the advertised rewards. Final tier of both free and nob passes only reachable with 100% collection. Honestly feel pretty ripped off and down on the game. If it needs that level of participation to claim what’s advertised, say that up front, don’t leave it to be revealed after a month and a half of spending.
  2. I haven’t done the math on it, but if this is true that you can’t even have missed one day… that’s pretty messed up. It’s a freaking 8 week long event!
  3. 18 days left is 18*50 + 325*2 for the remaining 7 day legends, or 1,550 remaining wing unless they change a pattern that hasn’t changed at all so far. Missing even 50 of the possible wing so far puts folks behind the final tier. And it’s not like the servers have been 100% over that period…
  4. Continue to be really bothered by this, including the fact that it requires doing math or reading forums and trusting me to find out, BUT there are still easy ways to salvage the event and the costs we sunk into it. And even in an equitable way!

    For example: for the last week or two, just increase the daily wing legend to 75-100 rather than 50. This won’t throw off the tiers, but will allow those who missed a day or two, and then spent on premium ebs with the implicit understanding that it was what the event required, to still hit whatever tier they were going to be eligible for.
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  5. This approach also lets folks who did hit all the days get their ultimate rewards a bit earlier, preserving an advantage for that.
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  6. i agree with this! Spent loads on buying the pass and seals/chimes to catch up on missing a couple of days. To find out im getting screwed on the big rewards. Rather misleading as people might could have bought into premium halfway through hoping to receive the rewards shown. Without knowing theyve got no chance
  7. Yup, this is pretty terrible requiring perfect attendance so to speak, for a paid legend. Most people assumed that if they bought the battle pass and were active enough to easily be in the top100 every event, that should be enough for this event too. It’s a lot of practically wasted money as everything other then the top reward is worth very little.
  8. I literally missed one day, that really sucks. Was hoping for that pet. Without it, not worth the 200nobs in any way 🤦
  9. Geez yeah , missed one day and a weekly because of it. Gunna miss the final tier now. An absolute scam and waste of money. Lesson learned lmao
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  10. I collected 6‘875 shadofael wings so far never missed a day but it looks like im still behind. There is still 12 days left im wondering will i reach the max shadofael wings requirement? When the 12 days r up what happens next? because the banner will not reach max lv16 then. And another thing when will this year ASW 21 come?
  11. I had to move for a new job, and missed one or two days of dailies. Now I can't get the pet? This is ridiculous. The rewards for anything less than the final teir is not even close to 200 nobs in worth. What is the point in advertising being able to "make up" on the week/month quests if it doesn't actually make it up in the long run? This should have clearly been stated at the beginning. I really hope they fix this, because I gaurentee a lot of people won't be buying into the next one if they don't
  12. Kev is totally right. The previous banner event didn’t require activity every single day, people were able to get the pet if they hopped around and/or hit premiums enough and could finish weeks before event end. It’s total BS to create a top reward for a Paid event based on perfect attendance. People have RL stuff some days, but can be plenty active other days to make up for it. I’m sure pretty much everyone who bought the battle pass did so because of the final reward, and to see people in t50-t100 event LBs but yet somehow not active enough for this battle pass event is rediculus.
  13. I actually had a horribly unproductive conversation with someone over support about this exact issue. It started off with me inquiring if missing a day would mean we couldn’t achieve the last tier - they didn’t say, instead I was met with a “we can’t speculate how players will do keep trying!”. I pressed this issue and opened up another ticket & received conformation that if you’ve missed a day, it’s game over. You can’t achieve the final rewards tier. Keeping the issue going I asked why the event was made this way as it would lead to a lot of people feeling scammed, was met with the classic “we will pass this onto the developers” middle finger response. Will gladly let others read the conversations if anyone’s interested :) . But yeah, as it stands currently unless they do something- we’re outta luck if you missed any rewards.
  14. It really would not be fair though ppl spend real money buying 200 nobs to get good end rewards only to get nothing in the end because they missed just a day or 2 of dailies. ATA devs have our money we have nothing in the end thats not good. We must Protest & Demonstrate against this scamming next weekend :(
  15. Major L for ATA. Goodluck getting people to invest in future events🤣 Whose incredibly bright idea was this?
  16. This is sad paid premium and required attendance while your loosing fan base
  17. Yeah if this turns out to not able to get final awards form missing just a few days then good luck on getting more players to get your next “battle pass “
  18. You guys still ignoring us?🤣🤣🤣
  19. Wow I guess 20$ to waist. Should I even spent money anymore?
  20. People should be refunded for this event… no possible way to even get a high level banner after doing daily quests and not missing a day