The Shadofael: Banners and Battle Pass!

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  1. No she said it will appear by 5PM pst.
  2. Gotta keep it fair for all banner types.
    If we converted it at a different ratio, but the drop rate was the same for cloth as it was for feathers when it went out. You'd all have an unfair advantage right?

    This is just making things right so you are all on a level playing field :)
  3. If the drop rate for both cloth and feathers then that would make sense to keep it fair. Guess I figured common drops would be a touch more than rare drops.
    Thank you for clarifying! Kind regards🍻
  4. mid the drop rate for cloth and feathers was the same*
  5. Can you allow players to trade these banners so they be properly exploited like the charms and furniture nonsense you’ve previously rolled out? It only makes sense to. Charm farmers and exploiters get bored with the same old exploits. Plus they have kids to feed and this would spice up the black market revenue and income they make. Do it for their children. The childrens! Morons.
  6. Hi.
    How can i upgrade new banner to lv.16?
    I bought premium pass too, i did every daily quest and got just 50 feathers for every quest and i'm just at lv.1
    In my eyes it's impossible to get to lv.16 in the left 39 days of event. Ty
  7. The daily shadofael wing drops are really too less. Can you ATA please increase the daily drop rate from 50 to 60 or more shadofael wings? Thanks for yur answer 😊☺️

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  8. 4 weeks in and only lvl 2 banners… can I expect to reach lvl 16 in august of 2022?
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  9. Proud pass and play daily. At this rate I'll hit lvl 5 banner by end of event with these awful drops rates and low chests given out.
  10. There is no way a majority of players will even hit lv5 for banner for this event… can drops be fixed or something to give people a chance
  11. I give up….I don’t get this banner process at all! Could be it’s just me but I’m following directions and no getting anywhere 🙈 Thanks for the banner even
  12. Thank you for the event as many have requested it!
  13. It looks like +3 is where folks with nob pass will top out unless there’s a lot of extra boxes in the final tier legend (I’d be surprised if there’s more than 1)

    not mad because it was obvious after a couple days this was how it was gonna go, and still getting furn for the nobs, but I think talking about level 16 definitely set up some incorrect expectations up front
  14. drop rate is horrible
  15. Its obvious, what you got was a carrot on a stick. As per usual if you want the best of the best your only real option is pay to play. I used to fall for it but about 6-7 years ago I figured out the the devs will only cater to the whales. After years of voicing my opinions and concerns I finally gave up. I vowed to no longer pay for growth. On occasion I'd still buy a few nobs but nothing like I had in the distant past. Then something happened that made me firm in my commitment, my account was hacked and when I opened a ticket the devs blamed me. I'll never spend another dollar on this game and now only play in ways that I've found to be truly fun.
  16. Just wanna re-drop this quote. Pretty sure these banners are meant to be long term investments, not built all the way up in two months.
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  17. This is great news 👍🏻
  18. Make it sound like we are out here investing for our 401k 🤣
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  19. Being able to upgrade the banner after the event and making it more long term is fine and I actually quite like the idea. But so far we’re spending 8 weeks grinding towards what looks like a lvl3 banner at best (on the premium pass) which has a similar power level to the Endercatheon ones released 4 years ago. Really think being able to do 1-5 on the first 8 week event and 6-10 on the second etc etc would be better and is even in line with their visual change.
  20. I get so less cloth from the war barron boxes, it will take forever for my banner to upgrade from lv 2 to lv 3. I pay you real money ATA! NOW I STOP THAT!❌