The Sea Witch's Warning: Awakening of the Nameless

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  1. Oh dont forget, my calculations are based if you hit for 24 hours non-stop. Either you break the terms and conditions, or you dont sleep (and probably die).
  2. Support.

    Cancel event.
  3. I second the motion
  4. Why does it have to be some super special event? Play as normal if you get a prize good for you. If not, maybe next time. Maybe next time it will be the super special event you want.

    I don't see the problem here. I really want to do role playing jazz hands. But I won't.
  5. Only real thing that surprised/shocked me was the fact it took them over 1-2 weeks to release another "promo"

    ata theme song: naughty by nature - show me the money
  6. Another flippin pay to win event?!?!? You guys must have one helluva blow habit to need to pump your customers every 2 weeks with crap events like this.
  7. Chill out they got the milestone part right, if they feel the need with players feed backs they will increase drop. Stop whinning over everything.
  8. It's only play to win if people spend lots on this event. If everyone plays like nothing is going on then maybe they will stop the event crap. They keep popping them out cause you are playing into it
  9. exactly why i'm not giving them any money.
  10. Stupidest event yet devs
  11. You know what Devs, you might as well call your event something else... Here are some ideas to get you started with:

    1. Fattening Bank Account Event

    2. The Malibu House Fund

    3. Around The World Tour Cash Gathering

    4. That Car I want for Summer Holiday

    5. The Dev's Dream Vacation Support

    6. Milk The Players before the game dies event

    7. Lets trick the morons into spending event

    8. ...

    I can go on, but I assume you can make up your own event name, you know - at least you'll be honest and name them as they are...
  12. They can't realistically cancel the event now after people have made purchases based on the fact that the event was taking place. Even if you hate the event, the best thing that can be done is to let it play itself out.
  13. I feel as though the droprate will need to be tripled or quadrupled in order to make 5k+ tokens a realistically obtainable level.
  14. Yea exactly what have devs done other than ignote what ppl are asking for and paying customers at that
  15. Well PoeticPaladin, Im sure buying 80 seals would suffice to take you over 5000, based on your calculations.
  16. Things should improve if the developers adjust droprates.
  17. things would improve if the devs reigned in their endless quest to drain people's pockets and focused on making actual game improvements instead.
  18. When it comes down to it the devs will always be making updates for the upper 10% of kaw that can keep throwing ludacrious amounts of cash at them no matter how bad the game has gotten.
  19. Oh dont worry Poetic, as I stated in my previous post (see previous page). It will happen. They will 2x, then 3x, then 4x the drop rate nearing the end of the event. And also extend it. Because they always do. Im sure you remember.

    If you really want to collect these items, it would be a relief for you that the devs will do just that. All you have to do is wait and spend.

    Goodluck Poetic Paladin.
  20. I just saw a chest drop from TFO ... Give US more drop rate in TFO pls :)