The Sea Witch's Warning: Awakening of the Nameless

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  1. 500 is 36/day do AFF/TS/SS/TSG daily
    2k is 143/day do 2-3 max Xtal HtE's daily
    5k is 357/day HtE clan max Xtals daily
    All levels faster r from cache drops.
  2. I still wonder why we cant let Mr. Nameless awaken... I mean I would personally ask his name...
  3. Crux Chests don't increase drops at all, only gold.
  4. Second that from my smAll but lucrative pov. I love this event.!!!!
  6. I'm hoping I might get 250 lol that would be nice
  7. Reply from player

    Are u gonna come out with a bigger drop rate soon??? I've used 3 seal and 6 xstals to get to 2k and I'm active a lot. I'm only at 700
  8. What are the sea dragon gauntlets 10's stats?
  9. From the OP:
    (5,907,298 Attack, 1,453,567 Defense, 2,034,994 Spy Attack, 872,140 Spy Defense)
  10. think lil guys getn shaft no banner til 2k thats out of reach of lils that dont sit n htes n blue piggy lol that some bull
  11. Free shtoof is free shtoof <3
  12. That non-green name though....
  13. Here we watch the bob-bumps continue
  14. My name aint even blue. Damn devs. 
  15. damn Devs.... well Bob there might be other reasons you are not a mod XD
  16. Very,very true:)
  17. Must be nice to have gotten any jewels on this event. I couldn't get the 4th piece to save my life. Way to go to all who did..
    If you did get the 4th piece. How?
  18. AFF
  19. Why not?

    Btw devs this was an ok event so far. Still 7 days left but still.