The Return of the Queen

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  1. Put xtal limit back. Now your actually thinking like apes....
  2. Would like to see a free epic harder and longer
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  3. Cry babies. All is read is complains. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to pay. Just like any other game, spenders get an advantage. What it seems like is, the spenders on Black Friday who bought a lot of seals no longer het the best bang for their buck. Who asked you to spend so much? Why did you hoard seals? Spenders who want to gain the most from their money will buy new items for new epic and do just that. Don't spend your money if you don't want to. Simple. Already did? Your fault. Stop crying. Continue to play as normal. Have a lot of seals? Get some from wars? NK is available for your leisure. Still pays great. Not the best paying anymore? Neither is Hte when ZTA came out. Zta wasn't the best paying when NK came out. Now NK isn't best paying. It continues. You tried to get a upper edge by stocking up on Black Friday and using sparingly. Your fault you didn't take advantage of all the promos since Black Friday until now. Why didn't you? You tried to personally find a way to make good gold over a long period instead of at the moment. Now seals don't give you a way to get most kaw gold. There is another way now. Seals can still get good gold. If remove new epic then seals then best again. Stop crying. As time moves on, people will spend as usual to get best bang for their buck. Good business move devs. NK available at 25% plunder bonus at the moment. People bought seals and ran NK all weekend without a promo right before this new epic. It has 25% increase and you crying cause it's not best paying now? Shut up. There is no gun to your head. The news is sharing tons of ways to spend time during this crisis, what they are not saying is play kaw and spend money. That is up to you guys. Things are rough? Don't spend on kaw. You still comfortable with money? Well Devs released new epic that pays better than NK! Devs can focus on new epic that is not premium yes, lifting xstal limit is crazy for strips yes, but players can if they choose, spend their money at their will on new item for epic and xstals to grow. Stop trying to find a way to salvage the seals you already have from money you already spent when you can spend that on NK Monday through Friday now. Remember that there are players that never spend or never spent on seals that before this new epic were making less gold than you on non premium epics. Happy Kawing all
  4. I agree with Tanzanian_Alwxanderite. With this new eb, nk and unlimited xtal is a good update. Corona have nothing to do with this. Those want to spend they will spend because they have extra money for the game. Others have more priority where to spend their money can still play for free. You donโ€™t need to in ALB or build complete to enjoy the game. With unlimited xtal some good ppl can actually enjoy helping out saving eb on failing clans. Also those player or out numbered players who love osw can play a level playing field on stripping. A single person can strip and cleaned a player now. A while back a single player get bullied and no way of stripping back since have 24 xtal limit. ATA is very generous of giving away xtals and this will counter that and some of us can buy xtals too and put to a good use. There is always big spenders on the game that will be on top. Let them fight it out to stay on top. For us common players just enjoy the update and adapt. Good luck all and stay safe. Thank you ATA
  5. You sir clearly dont understand power creep. You seem to be very stuck on the aspect of seals not paying as much which is no no way the issue with the unlimited xtal update. Everything needs some sort of balance or it is very easily broken. The fact that a majority of the LB has weighed in to complain about the unlimited xtals should be your cue. Every game has a pay to play aspect and when that side of the player base is telling you that your new mechanic that caters to the paying base is detrimental to the game you should look deeper at the issue. If they stop spending the game will start to lose things like updates and fixes. The xtal limit is in place to protect the spenders as well as give the free to play base a leg in the race. Again, it's not about seals it's about balance.
  6. Balance? What balance.?

    -Devs, probably
  7. This reads like something written by Donald Trump. Rampant inflation affects us all. The numbers in this game have gotten ridiculous. Goodbye. And this is from someone who spends a bit on here.
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  8. Terra account is 9 years old with level 1 rouge achievement. You should be thankful for this unlimited xtal update so you can move your achievement to the next level. You should check your achievements and get them moving to next level and take advantage of this unlimited xtals
  9. Why are you such a bootlicker?
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  10. lmfao you couldn't strip wallpaper.

    just in case your hard of hearing as well as mentally deficient.. you couldn't strip wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. People thinking that unlimited xtals isnโ€™t a big deal really donโ€™t understand the concept of powercreep.
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  12. Itโ€™s a game relax. There is no such thing as power on an online game. Account strength means nothing. The game is about activity and stubbornness. Unlimited xtals donโ€™t affect anyone unless you are not on top 10 chasing each other ass. For common players unlimited xtals is an advantage
  13. P
    Powercreep is a thing in online games but ok ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ
  14. People are more upset about the xtal cap being removed than the new eb. People are more upset about the timing of this than the fact that their seals are not the best premium item, though there are complaining about it
  15. I have proof we stripped your ass and you quit. You want to bet 5 billion charms?๐Ÿ˜‚
  16. Played on multiple accounts since 2012. Love the game despite the fact that i can't spend much. However I fully agree that this xtal cap removal could bring an end to kaw. The fact that the timing for your promo eb changes is horribly insensitive to the entire player base,as well as the world itself, shows that you forsee the shutdown of the servers and the game itself,and obviously do not care enough to attempt better more ethical methods of positive improvement to a game played daily by so many people, for so many years. Hope truly you consider different changes...if not rip KaW
  17. Moron you and whose army...
  18. @dev you've now devalued NK so all the seals are worth zip, so can you update the WAR REWARDS to give the new premium seals as reward.
  19. The seal not devalued. You just need to love your charms and furnishing to me and unequiped. After NK over I will returned them
  20. Dude shut up. Worse than a two year old having a tantrum. God no wonder twice quit.
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