The reason WE fight, and the reason YOU have to.

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  1. I hit Harb, Rissa, and Tazz. Out of love

  2. Aslong as it's not this one

  3. [​IMG]

    My forum role model is back!

    Luv ya Weez! Glad your back!!
  4. --ػཥཐའϯཐ--ཛ།༏ϯཇ


  5. full support true spartans ftw zaft purge has begun
  6. Another thread? Yes we get you're very proud of your strip and such. But personally I think this is a little too much noise lately don't you agree? Just my opinion, which doesn't mean much :roll:
  7. Kitten, they wanted to show ss of why they did it. The other threads were made by people outside of Apoc. Learn the facts before you post ;)
  8. Not when there's hire hitting
  9. Support To My Family Great Thread weezus

    ⊅λmՈλ₮ɨΦՈᏔЯᗩ✞H_⚙ƒ_❡⚙ᎠÁ̸P☣Ć̸Ậ̸ŁұPS Ξ༻ ✯☠C尺/Ҝøɫʄع /ŦS/₩ØG/SΣ/ĦįŦ/₩λгŁØг/ĦØG ✯
  10. I had no idea what kind of person harb was wow. Really puts it in perspective, good job on the strip 
  11. We had been asked repeatedly to post proof.

    True story: I have several other SS's sent to me from other Apocalypse members who saw this thread and weren't aware that I was writing it.

    I've been away for a while but I'm seeing now how tolerant my family was. That tolerance was mistaken for weakness. ZAFT isn't on their heels right now they are on their ass. The pedal is down and we aren't stopping.
  12. Welcome back Weez. Missed your ass.
  13. We all gight but whats good in love in war what is war war never changes just like us
  14. Quoting the entire OP is amazing. I love it.
  15. Doesn't even matter that he is zaft but anyone who cusses someone out in every sentence deserves what they have coming to them
  16. :lol:
  17. #Harbinger_the_rat

    ŦƦŪE $PÁ̸ƦŦÁ̸Ñ$
    Ψε ΑΓε CοΜιnφ 4 Υου
    the Purge of ZAFT
  18. Funny Apoc does the same thing..But its OK when numbers are on your side correct rflmao.....
  19. Wow wow wow .. Funny that an APus leader so butt-hurt that he need to self pin on me? A non-combatant?

    Hmmm .. how interesting ..
  20. I'm amused at this thread...When has Apoc really allow any of there members to be hit...Never but when herb did what he did you all cry..But you brag how one hit on you is a hit on you all...Show your true colors and stop begging clannies to fight for you and do some 1vs 1 and you would be crushed..Let's be honest and should I post a as of all of your people ranting in WC about ganging up on smaller people..So please don't try to impress everyone with your joined effort...When you do the exact same thing..