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  1. Someone in love in vixen ;)
  2. Proof of the spin.
  3. “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots”.

    Which one are you.
  4. Neither but we all know who the friggin liar is drgn. Seems to be a pattern here in wc with you. The creepy remarks involving the female players. Besides I dint post the remark in wc and I also didn’t confirm it in forum thread, so it wouldn’t be a rumor. I guess that would make you the idiot liar, who is foolish enough to post inappropriate content in a 9+ game. Dude grow some integrity and accept your actions.
  5. Drgn is one shady individual thats for sure
  6. A question for those who still hate the moderators of Kingdoms At War...

    When will you all stop accusing the moderators for being corrupt or abuse their duties?
  7. I think that mods are just too quick to hit the silence button. Especially when broken TOU is not overly offensive. Maybe give a warning. Farm the Mods
  8. You guys don't know who the ass kisser devs still? Most mods don't silenced unless someone pm/wall report the offense. You know it's eagle who silenced quickly. He been known silenced someone by mistake. Instead of fixing his mistake he will asked the person he silenced mail Devs to over turned . When devs introduced him to KAW as new mod. Most older mods didn't accept him as once of them because they know how much ass kisser he is. I believe few even quit mods just not to be with him. Any silenced you have no clue who did it most likely it's Eagle. 
  9. Still don’t understand why it’s still considered a 9 plus game and censored when some of the dev promos are 100$
    Censorship and premium don’t really fit well together
  10. When they accept responsibility for their inappropriate actions unbecoming of a moderator.
  11. The rumor is the alleged inappropriateness of the comments, which you are spreading. It seems I have to spell it out for you, so here goes.

    The topic of discussion in world chat that evening was gifting. You know, that currently unused tab in pms? Ok, stay with me. Several of us were talking about gifting and someone mentioned gifting crux boxes. I looked at Meis crux count and was honestly quite impressed with how many reg/gold boxes she had, so remarked that she should gift me her boxes. Now, it’s funny that you’re the only one that for some reason thinks that comment is inappropriate, when it follows the context of the then current discussion going on in wc. If my choice of words offends you then perhaps you need to get out a little more often, or maybe you need to stop being such a negative person looking for any excuse possible to jump on the “corruption” bandwagon. Interestingly enough, even other players that were on that night and involved in the discussion were calling you a schmuck for basically instigating and trying to turn an otherwise innocent comment into something dirty and perverted. Grow up a little bit.
  12. Bugger is that all. Thought you may have asked for saucy photos lol
  13. Don't worry guys if u ever back a mod into a corner and know they are wrong, they will contact the community manager and have them close the thread, just like they did last time I posted a topic about the mods.
  14. Again not a rumor. You are spreading the rumor that you are innocent. I’ll agree that the mei was discussing gifting. You were not. You took something that a player possibly a 9yr old player was in enquiring about and made it dirty and perverted. I won’t repeat it here for fear of you abusing your power during a discussion of the subject matter. You and mei have been trying to keep me here and mei in my pm. If you seriously have to keep spinning it to the community then it only proves your actions.
    You have a preditory pattern happening. You admitted the last wc post without me even mentioning what you posted to Red. Then spun it that maybe you really meant to go play a board game. Your actions at unbecoming of an mod. I pulled a ticket. I will take it higher up if swept under the rug again. Once a perv always a perv. I’ll catch you again
  15. Rumors hurt others when you spread them and that'll hurt the person because you're hurting yourself which don't make you feel better or makes them upset because rumors is like a disease that spreads non stop
  16. It’s not a rumor when drgn is the only one that is proven it to be accurate.
  17. Only corrupt mod is eagle believe me
  18. Mei is too. Others have had their power trip every once in a while,
  19. The mods are all green, therefore they are spawn of Shrek?
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