The Oathkeeper's Challenge

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  1. It seems that the clans number of rewards will decrease when people leave, regardless of wether sed people have hit Clanhall while in the clan. Is this a bug? Surely the number should not go down.
  2. Agreed, well done devs.
  3. How do we know a boost to our drops has been applied from attacking the Clanhall? I just donated but see no indication of a boost.
  4. If you are eligible for a drop boost for staying in your clan, ClanHall will tell you when you hit it. The first boost will apply after 1 day.
  5. Everyone in the clan should hit it once a day?
  6. This event feels not worth it, make it easier to add the clan items automatic,
    Would help if you give the drop rate so smaller clans can rotate eb...

    Terrible having B2B events.. we should have a 3 week event, then rest 3 weeks...
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  7. Everyone in clan should hit it after each rotation. Goth->noth->hit top BL->repeat. There is no real bennifit to holding unless your in a top 10 clan looking to edge out the top towards the last few hours.
  8. It was supposed 100x ur event items, but not working still being in same clan. Its a bug? And why itens decreased so much?
  9. what would cause the clanhall amount to decrease?
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  11. So I just completed the 200 coins legend and the next one's progress is down to 120/500 because I spent coins on the percentage increase buffs... clearly not working as intended
  12. Another smart event.
  13. Is there a benefit to depositing after each epic, or assuming we plan to stay in one clan the entire time, should we save all of our supplies until we’re at 50% bonus and then deposit items?
  14. So for new accounts, this event is not good because the 100k target is out of range.
  15. :(Worst event ever
  16. Not true
  17. Tbh the clan rewards for when you make a purchase is junk.. really? 100 Royal for around $100 spent? Royals are a dime a dozen and people literally give them away in world chat.
  18. So with regard to Quarries and Sawmill, is there a limit to the number you can have? Do the affects of these minimize the more you have?
  19. If people leave your clan, you will lose the amount of items that user had.

    Hi there, each quest is actually supposed to be non-cumulative for the coin legend, i.e. each tier is supposed to be an additional increase. I have fixed the issue. Thanks for letting us know!

    You can have a max of 50 of each. Each one gives a 1% boost for a total of 50%.

    I've added some more info in the OP regarding the difference between the legend rewards and leaderboard rewards, as well as why your progress may be lowering as we are getting quite a few questions about this. Please have a look!
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