The Keeper of the Gate Team Event Quick Guide

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  1. Heyo! Seems a lot of people are confused about this part of the event. They think that the BL reference means you hit people on your battle list. This is not the case for this part of the event. The only reason the battle list was reference was because of the search feature that is on your battle list so you could search for TeamGlaive or TeamBroadsword to attack.
    There is a quicker and easier way to get to these accounts so you can attack them.

    First go to your Legends

    Next go to the Glaives vs Broadswords Legend

    Then tap on the Leaderboard tab

    Tap the picture of the team you are on

    You'll be taken to the profile of the account you need to hit to donate your items by attacking

    A clannie mentioned blocking the account for a quick link, so that is an option as well.
    Hope this helps clear up a bit of the confusion. :D
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    Ty Mei, lots seems to have misunderstood this part and your post sums it up nicely 
  4. How do I donate whatever they are during this event?
  5. See the last screenshot. :D
  6. Thank you!!!!!
  7. Thanks Mei!
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  9. Doesn’t effect pve so not sure why the butthurt is strong with this one
  10. Thanks for this post Mei, much better explained with images :D
  11. Thank you! This was very helpful, I couldn't figure it out before
  12. Easy to follow instructions!! Thx
  13. Great help. Thanks
  14. How do you know what team you are on?
  15. Check your showcase for a colored shield. You have the blue shield, so you're on team blue.
  17. Thanks for the quick guide Mei, makes explaining it to others so much easier!