The KaW Timeline

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  1. It makes me sad that this post skipped the majority of the New Age Legends fiasco with TruePlayer. It was such a turning point on Kingdoms at War history.
  2. Lol I wish he could edit OP now. Nobody will know I was from "gen two" :lol:
  3. I really wanna see an update on this thread, has anything really happened recently with KaW anything worthwhile?
    I haven't seen much other than the pvp event which seemed to bring KaW back to a War game for a week
  4. Whoa whoa I was never a mod bro. I simply used to farm moose.... unless I was made a mod and devs didn't tell me. They were sneaky back in 2012
  5. Started late 2011 here and proud
  6. Started mid 2010 , had no ******* clue what I was doing :lol:
  7. Pretty complicated. 
  8. Boy, Do I miss those days... I started back in 2010, And had the best time of my KaW life. BTW, I do remember keeping 100 allies under 100k. Then, in 2012 when the barcodes came out.. they vollied allies and changed the whole system.. nowadays you can't keep anyone under 1bil haha..
  9. June 9, 2011

    The End of the Beginning
  10. Lots of effort, nice post:)
  11. Ops not active, someone wanna update this and repost?
  12. Anyone have a copy of Mooses resignation? Hehe
  13. No mention of TruePlayer and his leadership of New Age Legends and New Age? TruePlayer was a negative figure but he is someone who should be noted in KaW's history.
  14. Bump for historians xP

  15. Right, now you're saying I made false screenshots for forums about 'techno Tuesday' that got so much feedback that the developers added music in the next update because they thought the players wanted ambient music and not streaming techno like I said we had?

    What sort of evil genius do you take me for?
  16. This thread needs an update or some1 who's well versed in kaw's history should create a new one if unicorn is no longer up for it...there's alot to tell from the last 3 yrs and i'm not knowledgeable enough myself but would appreciate reading it :)
  17. Damn this is old... Someone should update this :)
  18. That feel when someone took OP's name
  19. Oh really
  20. Lol no watc