The KaW Timeline

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  1. I love reading history of kaw, an thank you for putting it all together!!
  2. This brings back alot of memories. There were still threads left over about the hallow/nal war when I joined the forums. Alot of sadness, but alot of fun. The PE/NA/Noor vs iG was as well, I remember being in that. That was a long time ago lol
  3. You have to add more to 2013. :)
  4. Great Timeline Unicorn. Always like to read it once in awhile!
  5. Belle didn't step down though I don't think (correct me if I'm wrong).

    I thought naughtygwen and Belle had their mod status forcefully removed?
  6. No, Jayde and NaughtyGwen did. Belle did step down
  7. Moose thread was deleted can't see how eagle reacted
  8. Oh, must've got mixed up. Sorry! And thanks Oh.
  9. Eagle told the public the supposed secret, If I remember correctly
  10. OK. In that 2010 OSW where stripping was started, you said that it went from 1,000 hits to 100,000 hits, making it so that it took 10x the amount of hits to successfully strip someone.
  11. This is such an excellent read! Amazing thread. Well done. 
  12. @oh I don't think so. He told a couple friends and one of the friends went back to moose and told him what eagle did.
  13. My mark in kaw timeline
  14. Great read ️
  15. There is much too add
  16. Wew, nice thread. Getting old now, anyway should add Benny's mass muting :p
  17. I remember gen 2, 2010 haha.
  18. Awsome game...
  19. This is the best thread that i have read here
  20. update this plzzz