The KaW Dictionary

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  1. Typed it into notes then copy pasted
  2. I'm impressed again... [​IMG]
  3. Did you add anything?...and btw coming home soon
  4. Unless I missed this you forgot wall. That might be a thing to add!
  5. crap, thath was LONG 
  6. Awesome job: clear and concise. What word is used for emptying all your troops into someone?
  7. Umm how bout the word for hitting someone once then hitting another and so on and never hitting twice
  9. Lol..dilly dump?
  10. You forgot 3! The two most important and a contact to the devs you forgot
  11. Are you going to edit in our suggestions, Dilly?
  12. Another amazing forum by Dillybar. You're great dude. I appreciate the time you've put into helping people learn this game.
  13. Really helpful, thanks.
  14. I will try to every week. Btw STICKY