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  1. The KaW Dictionary

    Hello, and welcome to The KaW Dictionary. I'd like to start off by wishing everyone:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 

    This is a small dictionary of slang terms that are often used in KaW. Hoping you'll enjoy, Dillybar.


    KaW Slang Terms

    I'm going make all of these slang terms in alphabetical order, so if you have a certain term in mind you just have to scroll to the letter it starts with and find it there to find out what it means! If you find any other defintions I don't have please post them here and I'll edit them in.



    AC- Ally Chat.

    Active- Playing the game at the time.

    AL- Ally List.

    Ally Plunder- The gold your allies give you in an attack.

    Assa- To Assassinate someone.

    Attk- Attack.

    Av- War Aviary.

    Admin- Clan ability that let's you change normal member's titles, clan announcement, kick/accept/reject members, challenge/accept/decline wars, and edit your clan information (See Clan).



    Ban- A Dev ability that stops you from being able to play (See Devs).

    BC- Build Complete, LC with all fully upgraded buildings (See LC).

    Beast- Beastiary.

    Bil/B- Billion.

    BL- Battle List.

    Bldgs- Buildings.

    Bots- Anything that plays the game for you (auto-clicker, etc). DO NOT USE BOTS, YOU WILL BE BANNED! (See Ban).

    BTA- Bonus To Allies.

    BUMP- Bring Up My Post (Forums only).

    Bypassing- Avoiding the chat filter. You can get silenced for this (See Silence).



    CA- Clan Announcement.

    Castle- A unique building, that can NOT be sold or upgraded.

    Cath- War Cathedral.

    CC- Clan Chat.

    CF- Cursed Foundry

    CI- Clan Info

    Circ- Summoning Circle.

    Clan- An organized group of people (Also known as Alliance).

    Closed- No hits allowed (For OSF's and OAF's).

    COE- Circle of Elements

    Combined Stats- Your Attack and Defense added together and your Spy Attack and Spy Defense added together (See Stats).



    Def- Defense.

    Devs- The people at AThinkingApe who made Kingdoms at War.

    Dropping Pots- Selling one pot at a time to open for people(See Open, OSF, and Pots)

    DTS- Defender Too Strong, which means you are too weak to attack that person.

    DTW- Defender Too Weak, which means you are either too strong to attack that person, that person has no gold out, or that person is pinned (See Pin).

    Dump- To use all of your troops



    Element/Elmnt- Circle of Elementals.

    Empty- To be out of troops/spies.



    Farming- When someone attacks you over 5 times in 24 hours

    Fdbck- Feedback

    Feedback- A button on your home-screen where you can report players and contact the developers.

    Fllw- Follow

    Fllwr- Follower

    Found- Cursed Foundry.

    FPW- PW that is forfeited so Plunder goes to OSF's (See PW, RPW, War Plunder, and OSF).

    Full- To have all of your soldiers/spies.

    Forums- A place with game information along with other things. This is found on the Kingdoms at War Home-Screen.



    Go- An order given to start doing something, such as hire or attack.

    Guild- The T1 spy building
    another word for clan



    HC- Bought all of the lands in The Highlands

    HCBC- Bought all of the lands in The Highlands with Lvl3 T4 Buildings

    Hire- To buy someone as an ally.

    Hit- To attack or steal from someone.

    HTW- To attack someone until they are DTW (See DTW).



    IF- Inactive Farm (See Inactive Farm).

    Inactive- Someone who's not on at the time or doesn't play anymore.

    Inactive Farm- Someone who no longer plays who you can farm.



    Jam- To spam someone's news so that they are unable to see previous attacks, steals, etc.



    K- Thousand.

    KaW- Kingdoms at War.

    Keep- Owning an ally.

    Kingdom- A person playing the game
    A person's lands and buildings.



    LB- LeaderBoard which contains the top 50 clans and people in several areas.

    LC- Land Complete (All lands bought).

    LCBC- Land Complete and Build Complete (See LC and BC).

    Lurking- Being in a chat or forum but not talking (See Forums, AC, CC, and WC).

    Lvl- Level (For Buildings).



    Message- When some "chats" with you

    Mercs- Players brought in from outside a clan to war (See War).

    Mil/M- Million.

    Mods/Moderators- Players chosen by the Developers to moderate the game (See Devs).

    MP- Max Plunder



    Naked- Having 0 allies and 0 gold.

    Nob- Nobility Points.

    NP- Not Pinned.



    OAF- Open Attack Farm (An attack build who allows free steals).

    Old BC- BC with Tier 3 Buildings.

    Open- Unlimited hits allowed (For OSF's and OAF's).

    OSF- Open Secret Farm (A Pure Spy who allows free attacks).

    Owner- Owning an ally
    Clan ability that let's you change anyone's title, clan announcement, kick/accept/reject members, challenge/accept/decline wars, set admins, disband your clan, and edit your clan information (See Clan).



    P- Pots

    Pal- Palringo, an app that allows private and group chat.

    Permafarm- Someone who you permanently farm (See Farm).

    Pi- Pinned.

    Pin- To make a defender "Too Weak" (See DTW).

    Plunder- The gold you earn from an attack.

    PM- Private Message (Palringo Only).

    Pots- Potions, Battle items from the Marketplace that increase your odds of winning.

    Potting Up- Buying pots from the marketplace to prepare for a conflict (See Pots).

    Pure Spy- Someone with just spy buildings.

    PW- A war with OSFs on one side and attackers on the other. This war's only purpose is to make money. Considered by many not to be a "real" war (See War).



    Qst- Quest



    Regen- To get more soldiers/spies.

    RPW- PW that is forfeited so Plunder goes to OSF's (See PW, FPW, War Plunder, and OSF).



    Scout Bomb- To scout someone a lot.

    Sit- To keep a Defender "Too Weak" (See DTW).

    Silence- A Mod and Dev ability that stops players from being able to chat. First 2 silences on a player last 24 hours, the last silence is permanent (See Mod and Devs)

    Skim- When you hit a farm twice, regen, and hit twice again continuously to make the maximum possible plunder

    SOS- Stronghold of Shadow.

    Stats- Your bonus to allies (On Profile).

    Strip- To hire someone's allies and take their gold.

    Strip Farm- Someone who you continuously strip and farm (See Strip and Farm).

    Sub- Subterranean Factory.



    T1- A Workshop, Barracks, Stables, or Guild.

    T2- A Forge, Beastiary, War Cathedral, or Stronghold of Shadows.

    T3- A Subterranean Factory, War Aviary, or Summoning Circle.

    T3 BC- BC with T3 Buildings (See T3 and BC).

    T4- A Cursed Foundry, Circle of Elementals, or Titans Lair.

    Tax- The amount of gold taken away in war (See War).

    Titan- Titan's Lair.

    TL- Titan's Lair

    ToS- The Terms of Service, which are basically just the rules of the game.

    ToU- Another name for the ToS (See ToS).



    Unload- To use all of your troops

    Unofficial War- Unofficial Wars are wars that are conducted outside of the official war system and do not go onto a clan's war history. These wars are often very violent and competitive (See War).



    Volley- Hiring 1 person back and forth (See Hire).



    WA- The announcement in World Chat.

    Wall- The place where you receive messages

    War- A fight between two clans lasting for 48 hours. The winning clan receives the War Plunder (See War Plunder).

    War Plunder- The gold the winning clan in war recieves (See War).

    War Roster- The members in both friendly and enemy clans that are active in war (See War).

    WC- World Chat.

    Work- Workshop.

    WR- War Roster (See War Roster and War).

    WT- The amount of time left in a war (See War).



    Xtal- Using a health crystal from the oracle.



    None right now, please post any suggestions here.



    None right now, please post any suggestions here.



    This concludes The KaW Dictionary. I hope you have enjoyed it and will use it well. I'd like to give special thanks to all of my friends who helped me do this: 

    Conclave of Shadows: For helping me through the game and giving me support.

    My Editing Team: D_J_, OutdoorToast, IamJ3acon, BlueDrag0n, DarkFalcon, and LadyRose. 

    Also, please check out these other threads if you enjoyed this one.

    My Other Guides:

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    If you find any other defintions I don't have please post them here and I'll edit them in.
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  8. For BC, say that it means build complete. For pots, say that it means potions. And another term for clan and alliance is guild. Some people prefer to refer to it as that. Also, i believe OSF means Open Spy Farm, not Open Secret Farm. Other than that excellent job 
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  11. Ghost-a player whose profile and wall you can obtain through their link on a player's wall, but no longer officially exist.
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