The KaW Color, Font, and Picture Guide

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  1. One more try :) no one is perfect

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  3. two three :S
  4. Does this work?
  5. [​IMG]Fear Me! Lol
  6. :|
  7. [ color=deepskyblue ] Beautiful xD
  8. didn't work

    WHYY?? poop
  11. [ colour=red ] hi
  13. [/quote][/quote]
  14. Hello KaW as we see the "noob" class has been spamming,making use less posting, posting rubbish all over the forums, and has yet has not used a grammar and spelling book before.

    Well I have came up with a guide to help your post count and be to be sought out as a decent former.

    First step is too learn quality beats quantity all the time.
    Yes spamming makes every one see all your post but people won't admire it.So imagine this before you start posting crappy threads, is what if the devs talked to us in text talk how could some of us understand them, also spelling and wording properly makes you seem educated and smart.Also people will tend to take you a bit more seriously.Sorry about being a bit off topic.

    As well,proof reading before submitting a topic to the forums.I'd say this because many forum vets. care a lot about speaking and spelling right.For instance if look at several clan recruitment threads that are well written and nice.

    Lastly,check bb codes before posting to the forums. This is because several people will call your post a "Fail".Go to the bb code guide if you would like to test several codes before posting them that way you could be taken a bit more seriously.


    P.S tell me if you approve of this also sorry about the other one fir some reason it was sent even thought it said error-thanks

  15. 
    by kaw
    on 18 Feb, 2012 6:45 pm
    Good job *thumbs up*
  16. this is the best guide ever thank you