The Hoarfrost Sverugant

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  1. Finally!
  2. Will Azure Souls continue to drop in Noth EB's after the event?
  3. Yes.
  4. Yup! The Azure Shard is designed to take quite a while to level up :)
  5. Glad that is like that, so far I've done 55-60 Noth(I think) and got 3 souls so far. The percentage seems low
  6. Ehhh, no. Sweet spot ebs were a bad idea when NQ/FoD were released. Yeah I get why devs tried. It was a nice try. But my god people to this day avoid them even with BR because they are in there entirety, dumb. I could see incorporating more spy only bars or regen bars (even though I hate them) because they don’t kill an entire EB from one players mistake. But sweet spots? That’s a hard no big shoots.
  7. How long a time to up-grade the shard? A lifetime?? Drop for upgrade is impossible to get.
  8. I want my plunder bonus from ebs back to normal now!
  9. I thought the rebalance was to make it so people would actually have to work to get drops from top tier ebs. Not the usual, come in, drop one bar, get max drops. Or did I miss something in the write up for Nereida?
  10. will trader tokens still be valid after this event?
  11. Has to be as they part of pvp reward that was supposed to end in a week
  12. Having the azure shard equipped for the last sub bar in phase 4 "azure shield" does twice the damage to the bar this has been tried and tested and it works was brought to attention by one of my members, maybe devs can update eb guide so that other players also know this
  13. Inform choccy
  14. Was wondering how long that would take to be found out :p