The Hoarfrost Sverugant

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  1. Well said
  2. Finally got a new FREE eb!!! And the plunder is rubbish!! Major anti-climax  Boooooo 
  3. Check your epic history or check mine. New epic pays more than Lotl and Goth. Clan plunder is higher on new epic. Drop rate still needs adjustments for noob accounts hitting vs bigger. Exp: 2.1b hit 90 actions and got less pay and drop than a 610m account with 3 less actions. How does that work?
  4. Thats i activated 25% fates and got same percentage on eb i work hard to get those boxes just to be at same% is bs please fix
  5. Also seems apes forgot to add a clan achievement bonus for completing the eb. Unless it was intentionally left out. In which case I would ask why?

    Overall-glad devs released an eb with an equip drop. Also love the idea of enchantment material coming from eb. Just note that the stats will have to be insane upon enchantment in order for it to be ‘exciting’ and compete with normal event equip. Also worth noting this particular equipment would be competing for the FOD sword which is tough to beat.

    While there are some good points, also want to echo some concerns already expressed regarding lack of creativity and plunder drop.
  6. There is a clan achievement, from what I can see some clans already have it. The drops and plunder are higher overall but it could change based on how long a clan takes to defeat lotl/goth vs noth. I will be looking into this again though!
  7. The end plunder is higher, plunder per hit is a lot lower than Goth.
  8. Ah. I stand corrected. Not sure what I was looking at before but the clan achievement bonus is in fact there. Apologies and thanks.
  9. My plunder difference with a fates boon was 1.255x (25.5% more) than without a fates boon from a quick test. It appears to be working from my end. If you continue to find there's an issue, please send in a support ticket and they can look more closely into it, as there are other factors to consider such as other plunder chests.
  10. The plunder is alright with new EB. Just bring more pay to play EB with more plunder when new land arrive. Let’s make everyone happy 

  11. Translation: We the Decs hate OSW and we do not care about the war aspect of Kingdoms at War. So this eb and our current change in drop mechanics is just our little “screw you.” To the players who still keep the flame alive.
  12. Thanks Devs, liking the new eb and the flow of it! Clan plunder seems to be a bit more than Goth, and I like the idea of bringing back a equiment drop from eb!! :)
  13. Pure trash so if a low stat player is apart of a big family he won't benefit from bigger ebs even if he can hit ...this a big joke now days
  14. Awesome event. What if for next event we could have a chance at getting a pet Platypus? (^:
  15. I just think they need to increase the per hit plunder more than goth and atleast lotl rn for me its 300b lease than lotl which seems very broken as its the third eb in the series!
  16. Yup. Every tweak made by the devs is geared toward killing osw / pvp. They must have accountants so I have to assume the spenders are pure eb fairies or LBs that just can’t stand the idea of leaving kaw after dropping tens of thousands on the game.

    Is the point of this war game now really just who can hit the eb hardest? Yup. Devs win.
  17. It pays 1.4b/hit less than goth for me. After this event nobody will run this eb anymore. Not sure what the thought process was here
  18. Definitely agree if the per hit is lower on NOTH than GOTH, that needs to be corrected, hopefully Devs will do so, honestly, I didnt pay close enough attention to how much I was getting per hit on NOTH to compare now to our running GOTH. but will ss both asap to see!
  19. With all this complain here I can understand. Still you have to admit this past year devs put a lot of time updating the game. The first 6 years of the game was flat not many update except new land and equipments. With new legends side legends building token. Including charms, furnitures and other tradable things. The game is far more interesting than before. I can understand that in OSW got affected a lot still there is higher number on players only play outside Osw. They only play to relaxin the game in peace. I just be thankful for devs not giving up in this game. Thank you again devs
  20. These new payouts are broke. In last EB I had 60 more hits than the roster guy 1 space above me, made more plunder and got less payout for event item.

    What weird algorithm are you using to determine payout? I'm just trying to understand what the goal is and how it works now.