The Hoarfrost Sverugant

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  1. My furnishings do not quite work, I expressed this complaint but was never heard back.
  2. Any news on new lands
  3. To everyone complaining about the gap between small and large players (GET OVER IT) . There are literally dozens of ebs that pay out properly depending on your size , not to mention all the free crest plates and bars you all get for bare minimum activity. You’ll only grow “fast” if you’re active , but most of the complainers are angling towards the fact that you can’t exploit the high drop rates of the ebs outside of your cs teir ;newsflash, if it weren’t for charms and bfe most of you wouldn’t be hitting epics so far outside of your actual cs range . All is as it should be . Put in the effort and you won’t have to complain.
  4. It kinda like lotl difficulty and plunder rate. Would have expected it to be more difficult and pay more than Goth.
  5. If we transmute new weapon, would another be dropped?
  6. Yes, but the transmute stats are INCREDIBLY SMALL to counteract this. In short, you should probably not transmute this weapon.
  7. This is pretty much the reasoning for the drop change. There were far too many accounts that weren't even highlands complete hitting LOTL and GOTH. The crestplates in the store that can be purchased with traders tokens are very, very cheap for the lower lands to help players grow.
  8. Will medallions still combine for banners?
  9. Will there still be a side legend for all the different difficulty levels like before or only the ones that drop trader tokens?
  10. Plz read the post before asking silly questions
  11. Yup!
  12. I like this one compared to previous events. Making the legends exciting is quite a task so thanks for giving us some variety!
  13. Well done devs! Anyone complaining about changes has too many charm farms or exploits game mechanics. Nice to see the devs take a stance on fair play. Kudos.
  14. You can always use health crystals if you need to get more hits in. I believe that players who put in more work on the EB should get more rewards. Also, players who have put more work into their account (ie have more stats) should get more rewards.
  15. ^^^^^^^^^^^^Lol Winston with the truths . hurts donut ;)
  17. drop rebalance, i like this.

  18. I'm curious to see this answered - historically each eb in a series increases in plunder. Has this changed now?

    On another note - I like that the drop rate has been tinkered with. Hit ebs within your range, simple. With the crestplates and silver bars and xtals being dropped like candy growing to the proper sizes is easy enough.
  19. Great changes, this legend and last have been really fun! Keep up the good work
  20. Is that Wolf the Top 10 reward cause for purchase and boxes is a Hawk?