The Hoarfrost Sverugant

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  1. The Hoarfrost Sverugant

    "In the Hoarfrost, a chill wind blows. Snow begins to fall. An unnatural blizzard whips up and grows steadily in strength, as if meaning to purge the land of all life. In the distance, a bone-chilling shriek echoes through the mountains, cutting through the roaring winds.

    Suddenly, a creature bursts forth from the top of one of the Hoarfrost's snow-covered mountains! The head of a gigantic demon atop a serpentine body of ice, like a great glacial spine!

    Neidria, the third of the Sveruganti, has risen!

    Holm and the Oracle race across the Hoarfrost's frozen wastes with your army to stop the personification of the Hoarfrost's wrath and to reassert your supremacy over the Hoarfrost.

    Meanwhile, Neidria turns its terrifying gaze towards the village of Vilri..."

    This event consists of a primary Legend available immediately as well as three side-Legends that will unlock shortly after. Each side-Legend will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed. There will also be 2 special Legend series.

    Neidria of the Hoarfrost (NEW EB)

    The third Sverugant has risen to wreak havoc upon KaW. You are tasked with defeating this horrific creature. Rumour has it that clans who have already defeated the previous 2 Sverugants will be able to challenge this monster.

    Clans will be able to fight against Neidria of the Hoarfrost at the start of this event. Like the past 2 Sverugants, this battle will be challenging! Players who defeat Neidria will have a chance at a rare weapon dropping, which can later be upgraded (up to level 10). The materials needed to upgrade this weapon will also drop from Neidria, but only after the player has obtained the weapon. This weapon is incredibly powerful when it comes to attack and spy attack stats.

    Drops Rebalance

    Drops have been rebalanced for all EBs starting with this event, but the drops will most noticeably affect the following EBs:
    • The Netherking
    • Ghomorax of the Highlands
    • Lignabelua of the Lowlands
    • A Sacrifice of Flesh

    Changes that will be noticeable:
    1. Players will need to hit EBs more times to receive the same number of drops as before
    2. Lower stat players have a lower max drop amount than higher stat players
    3. Extremely low stat players will not be able to receive any drops from EBs deemed "too hard" for them, even if they have a lot of charms
    4. Drops are balanced more fairly with each event for side stories, as there won't be a difference in drop rates from one event to another

    PvP Weekend

    Just a heads up, there will only be 2 PvP weekends even though this event is 3 weeks long. They will occur starting on the 18th and 25th of January.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, January 16th until Wednesday, February 6th at Noon PT. Yes. That's 3 weeks.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Swarmlantern's Fire will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Ice-Spine Box and Royal Ice-Spine Box.

  2. New EB
  3. Legit event actually, I'm excited!
  4. That "rare" equipment is transferable?
  5. Nope!
  6. What are „extremely low stats“ exactly? What amount are we talking about? For example, how many stats do you need to get drops from the new eb?
  7. You think I'll be allowed in big clans for that eb? What about 70-200mcs noobs like me? No eb for us?
  8. “Extremely low stat players” — what’s the threshold here?
  9. Great job devs. Keep up the good job you guys doing and thanks
  10. Grow so you won’t have to find out
  11. Winston please keep in mind. With this low hits and items drop changes. You guys must keep in mind that some of us in OSW. We split our actions between hitting other player and eb. For example I use my troops on my enemies and spy on eb. Sometimes I used troops on eb and spy on my enemy. Please adjust your drop rate to my action including hitting my enemy so I get max drop. This way don’t ruin OSW further. Thanks please keep this in mind.
  12. Is the new eb in the same difficulty range as goth and loth?
  13. Honestly, i cant say anything bad this time, except that this EB should have been released like a year ago ;) JK, i am fine
  14. I’ve got a few concerns. Especially with the changes to the epic battles.

    1) These changes clearly doesn’t benefits smaller places at all. So growth will clearly be made harder by these changes. In which will mean the gap between larger players and smaller players will be more noticeable. Which most likely, create a “soft level block” which makes people more reliable upon pay to win aspects.

    Which. I would actually stand up and say, this game has too much pay to win hard growth blocks. Making free to pay players. Less likely to take stick about. Among many other issues. But it’s boils down to bad game development/ business plans. Valuing short turn, money income than long term player base

    2) what is the thresholds, what does these changes actually mean in actual stats, figures.

    3)Why are these changes needed? Like who has an issue about smaller players doing well in events?
  15. Do We get the banners like the previous event?
  16. Can we transmute the sword into a charm and in future ebs will it drop again?

    The plunder on new eb seems disproportionately low. Is this correct or does it need adjustment?
  17. Weak fixes to charm farm exploits. Too little too late.
  18. May I ask why this event is 3 weeks long?
  19. Slow claps . About time ATA