the hitting range issue explained

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  1. This is an issue that needs to be carefully looked at and balanced. Especially for warring purposes.
  2. I'm sorry, i didnt know, don't quit the game I thought you were just a woman scorned giving all us other woman bad name . Just ticks me off like bad woman drivers. The game wont be the same without the Alisontroll. I'll shut up and just laugh next time I see another player hating on you or your forums. Come on don't be a maryter. who will I strive to beat now who will I hate on. Sad day for kaw losing such an infamous player
  3. Oops meant to post this on your truth slayer post.
  4. There are issues on hitting range but bfe and bfa has to be included in it or we get to the position where those with trillions and large bfe simply bully others their size whilst being out of range of larger builds.

    If folk don't want to grow and instead bank trillions in allies that is their choice but they shouldn't be free to use overpowered bfa against others their size and hide from bigger builds.

    Having said that the hit range (bfe and bfa inclusive) is too wide and needs to be narrowed.
  5. I agree completely. Early today I had my ancestral possession stolen by a pair of 50 mil cs players. About five minutes ago I got striped by troll machine, who has a cs of over 50 mil. I'm roughly 12 mil cs.
    It's ridiculous. I can't even dream of defending myself despite having max pots or if I bought every spell and hit them on full troops. I'm helpless...
  6. I've been getting farmed by people twice my size who have dropped stats and have a lot of armor. It's ridiculous