The Greatest Build in KaW!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Reproduction, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. I probably did the same thing as him.
  2. It's legitimate.
  3. I'm gonna take a shot.

    He calculated the hire price based on the max plunder bonus and found it.

    One sec and I'll find it
  4. -CERES-

    Took me what? A min
  5. 11.9b * 225 ~= 2670b

    Searched 2675b and wham...
  6. I'd have to say that Ceres has the most puzzling account in KaW.
  7. What's puzzling about it lol
  8. Idk I'm drunk

    Just why would someone make an account with all towers. Whats the point? Just because?
  9. Volley gold to a main.. Maybe it got hit
  10. You're always lurking forums aren't ya Larry. Lol

    Yeah makes sense, the 59k is quite impressive I may add. Wonder how any nobs that gave
  11. Took me 32 microseconds.
  12. Well if that's the best build in kaw I'm doing everything wrong and I should probably quit now before I really screw this up...

  13. Skinnyminny Kingdom has taken 22,000 losses to your 12,000 losses troll, so somebody is clearly having ' actual battles ' and compared to skinny, it's certainly not you.
  15. I'm afraid you've already screwed up.....
  16. Well sneaky…you've outdone yourself again.








  18. Hey skinny what's your defensive battle wins out of curiosity? Maybe you should add that on top of the value.

    I apologize for having pots and high defense so I don't lose every battle.
  19. I find it impressive you brag about losses on an account a tiny 3m attack build can smash
  20. I fnd it impressive that you care so much what other people do in kaw enough to post on every page of every thread in forums. A bit sad for you really. Your the only braggart in this game. You called me out and I responded is all.