the gratest player who eber live. a poll.

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  2. I nominate “twicc 3k gold” for getting stooged and rage quitting.
    It was an epic moment in the history of kaw and forever shall be remembered as the funniest thing to ever happen.
  3. One thing is fo sure. Nobody gunna nominate u cuz nobody nos u. Butthurt players r forgoten prety soon. I bet that if u estop postin nobody gonna remember u in like, 2 days.
  4. I wasnt nominating myself

    So please put my tally down for “twicc 3k gold”
  5. I nominate the guy above me
  6. I'd go Moose.... Just for all the help he gave!! Plus a damn Great War Monger
  7. My vote also goes to Twicc the megalomaniac legendary 3K gold manFear him 
  8. Moose, a mod amongst mods
  9. Twicc #1 tied with musa #1 and obviously I'm great too 
  10. Saltyfeet is the greatest
  11. False
  12. The one and only true lord of KaW.

    Spragga. ;) :lol:
  13. A long time ago there was a guy call Majesty....he was pretty awesome
  14. Ithaca ,he never acted like he was too good to help the little guy, the devs hated him because he beat them at their own game
  15. The greatest players are those that work hard day in, day out, running a small clan. Trying to ensure everyone is treated fairly, helping people grow and enjoy the game. These unsung heroes, we salute you!
  16. I’ll go ahead and vote for myself in this.
    Long Live Devastation
  17. You definitely don’t win the greatest speller that ever lived. I think my brain caught fire halfway through the post.