The final year of KaW

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  1. Clan hopping killed this game
  2. Swabia is an anagram of wasabi and that's what's important to remember.
  3. Imo all those reasons are BS

    The only reason that kaw is Dying and has been for years is the lack of new players

    We begged the devs to do real advertising and they refuse
  4. I don't think this game would be much competition for the other ones that shove ads down your throat. I did find KAW through an ad back in the day, but at the time it was a bit more unique.
  5. I tbh am glad that kaw doesnt have ads besides their own it would get annoying like gow or others like that to see sponsered bs
  6. I suppose I should reiterate. I don't think that advertisements for KAW in other apps would be too successful considering the other time management tappy war games with massive advertising budgets exist. The game is pretty dated, there isn't much to incentivize player retention.
  7. How does Swabia still have VK after a post like this? 
  8. Totally agree with you Swabia
  9. You're about 2 and a half years late with this thread. Its been a money grab for a little longer than that. Ever since HTE was introduced
  10. You either go with it or you don't. Regardless of new lands noobs like Swabia still wouldn't play so his opinion is bollocks
  11. There is no good free to play content

    They need to make hte free or something swap it out with zta and NK staying pay to win

    Ally trading is really the only way to make gold if you don't spend, and once you use that for upgrades you're hurting your income

    We just need better ways to grow

    2500 silver don't buy anything at my size and I'm not big yet

    It takes 20 days or more for one upgrade
  12. My theory is a lot of players will become osmon rai complete then the game will die off.with building tokens and average of roughly 10T per event it'll be easier for osmon but I don't see everyone being fooled to do trains etc and finish the deep mine.
  13. These events don't entice me to stay active when I know they'll always be available in one form or another. The bulk of the money people make comes from rewards at the end of events and that's honestly the only time I see myself wanting to actually pay attention to my kingdom. The time and methods of grinding events just doesn't really feel special to me anymore.
  14. So we gonna see kaw part 2?
  15. People going on about kaw dying etc..its pvp whats doing it!thats what i say just my opinion
  16. Reset kaw

  17. Its already out

    Kingdoms of heckfire
  18. which is still pretty good
  19. Ew, its an android app so these guys lose like way more than half their customers in kaw
  20. I have it and i have an iphone