The Farmer's Journey, Part 3: The Nemesis

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. These 4 item events are starting to get a bit out of hand... how about next event we only have 1 thing to collect :/.
  2. What ebs can you get a royal coffer?
  3. Seems everyone will have the full set pvp eq. After your part 6 event.

    Then devs totally kill EE and other EB equips.
  4. Hopefully after pt3 we can get a week off then straight into pt4 the farmer wanders off
  5. You're right. Developers will have this updated shortly.
  6. Devs - this is my kind request to you.

    Please get Iggy Azalea to come up with your story line next time. I'm sure she will do a better job.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. Can't you ever get it right the first time Devs? You're only regurgitating the same event...Why so close together? I'm totally mystified!
  8. hell naw.. its super ghey
  9. Another HTE regurgitated event,it seems ATA is determined to kill everything off in the game except HTE,then they can do the same to KAW as FC n GAW saying as HTE is the only thing left we might as well shut down.
  10. Here we go again...
  11. Stop with the 4 item collection garbage omfg
  14. Good luck sealers and enjoy the rewards sealers. Another event meant only for 1% of the players on here yay. 
  15. So... This is the only thing the dev was willing to respond to..

    Glad to see things have their similarities to FC. Devs still like ignore people. ️

    I still don't get why people are so mad though. You guys get all the cool wars and events, and updates. And you still have your game...

    Just wondering why everyone in kaw seems so grumpy.
  16. any specific reason that y'll respond to this question but ingnore so many others???
  17. Nevermind. This answered my question.
  18. Cut n paste part 3.

    Season five or dont care
  19. No one needs events. No one needs rings. Ppl just want s5 instead of this rubbish which means find a hte for a lame chest and xstal reward.
  20. Wish there'd be a bit more time between events... But mercí for bringing back the prize boxes.