The Farmer's Journey, Part 2: The Book of Aradmel

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  1. Can we get a list of what each eb drops?
  2. Here's an idea devs remove drops from hte then see who the lb players are on these events
  3. All event leaders are from HTE only clans...
  4. Where is the farmer going if this is a journey?
  5. How much does we drop?
  6. Hooray another hte event.

    Thanks for reminding me not to spend any more.

    Like really how many more times do we have to do this?

    Make the events single item so it's fair for everyone. Idc if you have to make hte drop 4x more just do it.
  7. Need an opt out of eb event.
  8. Boring events diu dev
  9. Money hungry dev greed never ends. Yawn.
  10. I like free stuff.

  11. From boys?
  12. Apply cold water to burned area.
  13. Im the best youve ever had if you think im runnin out i never am on fire im on fire im on fireball

    Rock on farmer with that journey
  14. Make it just need 1 item 4 is too many to collect
  15. Will we be doing two week long events every two weeks now 
  16. Too often events, boring.
  17. Support would be a lot more fun and I would actually want to spend

  18. Support his idea

  19. Agree 100%
    When become excessive, events become soooo Boring
  20. They look like they even got lazy with the items we need to collect. They're the same thing just different colors. How lame.