The Farmer's Journey, Part 2: The Book of Aradmel

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  1. Event a good thing but leave hte out of it so the ppl who can't afford to shell out money have a chance to be on lb
  2. Lol support in the highest degree :lol: oh woke up I'm playing kaw not going to happen
  3. Would be 'nice' to have an event and rewards where hte, rotwb, and cs don't 'calculate'...just 'pure' time and activity 'chase'. Or not. Whatever. Health and happiness.
  4. It can be better if health crystal rewards were more, like 10 crystals for 5000 fountain, cause I need to spend at least 20 health crystals to reach 5000 target , and that's if I keep twitchy active
  5. [​IMG]
    Don't worry people the Devs are on their way they have not forgotten about us they will be with us shortly to comment on everything.
  6. Promo was good,pvp had bad timing for me...might try next time
  7. Yeah, make it 8
  8. I spent 3 xstals on event and broke 5000
  9. I spent 0 and got 5000
  10. Exact same, no waiting this time just start the next event ASAP more free stuff/upgrades the better.
  11. 2.5k impossible if u aint use a bot .. Realistic events please....?
  12. The acoylyte makes me think they are talking about the hive on destiny
  13. Whats unrealistic? 2.5k is not impossible.

    Plenty of ppl are getting it without hte.

    Seems more like you are unable to evaluate and plan accordingly.
  14. People get 2.5k when they Are in a top50 clan that does rotation in under 4 hours
  15. Got 1k on here not very active 2.5k is easily achievable especially if participated in the pvp events.
  16. 2,5k is 180 a day, not that much..
  17. Great event, I love the new leader board system, hope to see it in future events. :geek:
  18. I certainly wasn't, I only got 550 so far on my main, but still enjoyed the event.
  19. I got 2.5k and I'm not in a top 50 clan just takes a lot of activity
  20. I agree with beginner be better with one item