The Farmer's Journey, Part 1: Testament of the First Harvest

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  1. Ahh I see, I wish to know this answer as well! along with what time will pvp start on the weekend. Will it be Friday evening Saturday morning or what
  2. So. New event- exactly same format. Different stupid names different irrelevant icons. No imagination. Not impressed
  3. Am I the only one that doesn't have the opt in spell????
  4. What do we do to get them
  5. No. NOBODY has an opt-in spell. It's only for the weekends PVP blitz. For now, it's solely a PVE event, meaning you do not need to opt-in at all.
  6. Ohh well that's boring
  7. Why don't you give level 10 stats for these equipment.
  8. There were no s4 bracers
  9. Just wondering about how much golden sheafs equal how much bandit sculls? Is it 1=1 or what? Please clarify devs!
  10. When you opt in and hit someone you will find out.
  11. Sounds good but I can't see the spell to opt in
  12. Its only PvP at weekend so the opt in spell will appear in alchemist then.
  13. Lotl not dropping any event items.Nice going devs.
  14. I get 3 skulls per eb hmmm seems i need to waste my life to earn 5,000 skills in 2weeks 
  15. Please? 
  16. wow 3 skulls for rotwb