The Evil Knights Thread

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  1. Book 1
    Coldplay902 walked down the murky path with soldiers.The kingdom was going to war against The Evil Knights.They had to track down the castle.Master Knight was nervous and nobody knew why.But one possibility struck Coldplay902 and he batted it away:It was Master knight was the head of the organization.
  2. Chapter 1
    It was night when Coldlplay902 found the palace.It was all black with a red hand in it's center.It was real.Guards were all over the place so Coldplay902 killed them.He walked into the palace and found master knights armor on the floor.Then a voice said"hello Coldplay902."It was master knight.
  3. I want next part
  4. Chapter 2

    Coldplay902 couldn't believe his ears.Master knight was master of evil knights.It meant he had to fight him.He pulled his sword out and got in ready position.The fight had began.
  5. Chapter 3

    The swordsmanship was amazing.There was ducking,kicking and shouting.The battle made it outside and everyone stared in amazement.Then Coldplay902 got kicked and fell.Dust went in his eyes and he writhed in pain.He waited for the final stab.Then he got up and saw his horse kicking master knight hard.For once,He was proud of his horse.
  6. Chapter 4

    Coldplay902's horse kicked up a lot of dirt.Then at one point they heard a terrible snap and a scream.Then silence.Master knight was dead.But they knew that evil would return.
  7. Epilogue

    Master evil knight stared at the stars.He saw a kingdom.Coldplay902's Kingdom.He couldn't control himself."Minions attack!"
  8. wait, didnt usaris kill master knight already?
  9. Remember new master knight
  10. ohh. lol forgot bout that
  11. you should put at least 1 badass video game character in your stories. lol
  12. I'll put in that Barry guy from jetpack joyride
  13. what! hes not badass at all.
  14. what about master chief with an energy sword. or a well known swordsman? ooh!! i know! a wizard! merlin perhaps. im just throwing ideas out there now
  15. you should stop writing these crap stories that barely make any sense whatsoever.

    4-5 paragraph stories? I mean come on. I think Davy is an alt of yours too
  16. @Koei or he could put in link from the Zelda series!!  (link is awesome!!)
  17. He isn't d_bo.Why do you insult anyway?
  18. First of all, you need a comma in 'He isn't d_bo'. Lacking a comma, that could be taken so that he is not d_bo (he's oh-so obviously not).

    Second, it might be an insult, but it's TRUE. D_bo might be harsh, but he says exactly what he thinks. And he has high standards.

    No, he does not come on here with the intention on ripping EVERYONE apart. In fact, he happened to like belle's story.

    Don't even tell me that he's being 'mean'. That is the most childlike behavior ever. I hear it from my classmates sometimes. Suck it up, darling, because life's 'mean'.