The epic tale of heroic adventurers

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  1. The story of amazingness

    CH.1: Page 1
    CH.2: Page 4
    CH.3: Page 6
    CH.4: Page 8
    CH.5: Page 9
    CH.6: Page 10
    CH.7: Page 11

    ( Not posting all on the same page as I think it would be annoying what with the scrolling. If your opinion differs please inform me)

    If you have a suggestion, such as an character, or an plot idea ( not that theres much of a plot going on lol) feel free to PM it to me.
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    I have a problem with you telling me where the door is
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    The way out is....

    Two steps left, one around the large Teddy Bear (Thats Kevin's by the way, hell need to pick it up later) and then skip across the rooftops until you see Chuck Norris. Fall down 29 stories, and land on a JigglyPuff pokémon. And itll be about 36184 feet ahead of you. Then give me all your SoD's, horns and Nob points.
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    This is a story? Please make more sense because as of right now I see none
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    Don't quit your day job to be a writer.
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    No no, I was showing that one person where the door was bruh.
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    I'm scared to see how your story is, taken that you didn't make it clear that you were telling the person where the door was.
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    Chapter 1

    After a fatal crash, PimD was taken offline. Permanently.
    The thirsties in the application took to the streets, waving signs which read,
    "Followz me fir RPzzz".

    But alas, the sight of old men deterred any advances. So, they used their greatest weapon. The holy power of Pizza. Everybody was like,


    Using this Pizza they increased their numbers. Few americans could resist.
    The most notable of survivors were KaW users, as they knew of the horrid nature of the thirsties.
    Bulldog, Jedi_Maestro, slayerbob and Titan_God, The four most amazing peoplez of KaW.

    The amazing band of legendary heroes made their way to Chuck Norris's house. There, they made their stand, spraying the thirsties with sarcasm and water, shooting them with Potato guns and airsoft rifles. But there were too many.

    They fell back to regroup with Chuck, and found him slumped on the floor.
    Bob was first to talk.

    Exclamations of surprise emenated throughout the room. He was alive. The happiness disappeared as Chuck cleared his throat.
    The decemated looks of dread on the face of the survivors cannot be described. They waz way 2 sad face fir de wordZ.

    As they were discussing what to do with Chuck, a whirring sound filled the air, and...Ponies? Ponies flew in the sky. They were everywhere. Upon closer inspection they were ridden by 30 year old men, or "Bronies."

    4 ponies came to the band of legendary heroic popstar people. One pony strode forth, rode by a 40 year old 529 pound man in a tiara. The poor creature fumbled under the weight.
    The man said,

    "I, am princess Adust, of the Pony legions. Surrender yourselves at once, or face annihilation."
    Jedi shouldered his Candy Cane cannon (Left over from christmas) and no-scoped Adust, the Pony queen, throwing Tea Bags on him afterward.
    "Get pwned nub."

    The pony army opened fire, and rainbows, butterflies and sunshine shot upon the heroes, whom returned the favor with skittle guns.
    But it was no use. They were being pushed back.

    And so...
    Bob his ogrelord...

    The immense power of his belief in Shrek summoned the ogre himself.
    He roared a mighty roar, as he threw onion grenades into the air, spraying the Ponies in onion juice, making them cry and go home to Momma.

    The power let off from the battle opened a portal...
    Hundreds, thousands, then millions streamed through, from Star Trek fans and Heavy gamers to Math Geeks and Scientists.

    Just then, Jedi realized he had a limited edition flock of Goku's hair. His face paled as the nerds smelled the amazingness of Goku.
    They all lunged at the Band of heroes, Cosplay swords in hand.

    The heroes stood their ground, but lost sight of each other in the ever growing horde of nerd's.
    Bulldog bit his way through many. Jedi slashed, Bob Slayed and Titan Pummeled. But it was no use. They were overrun.

    The last they saw was the Pony hordes firing into the crowd with sparkly rainbow sunshine.

    End Chapter 1
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    I'm with Dragon, don't quit your day job
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    What if Ive already quit? ö
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    Sucks to be you, then. I'll make sure to carry lots of change in my pockets to jiggle as I walk by you on the street.
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    thanks buddy
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    The horror!
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    U left me out of the story offended
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    No, we'll just shift over to KaW wen it goes down 
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    Truely i dont understand why ppl clog up forum with crap like this. plz return to pimd and use what lil brain power you have left to log out of kaw
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    Wtf is this crap?
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    I've got a problem that you wanna bring a game that practically 80% of KaW doesn't enjoy to KaW. Other than that, I'm fine
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