The End of the Hive Approaches

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. All the players who have yet to unlock the mage can still use their collected psion once they unlock the mage, even after the event is over.
  2. Then dont ******* participate.. Its that simple.
  3. You'll still be able to upgrade using any Psion you have after the event ends.
  4. Will we be able to finish equipments with inferno and aqua KaW com?
  5. The rings from this event are only upgradeable using Psion.
  6. What's the point in having trash half completed equipments 
  7. So if I hadn't participated it wouldn't be a dumb ass event? No,it's still a dumb ass event whether I had participated or not. So basically it's not in reality the simple from changing it from a dumb ass event to not being a dumb ass event,dumb ass.
  8. Why no answers for swarm ring drop?? This event is a shame
  9. If someone got more than 1k psion that means they have hit 100 hives eb at least give or take. If no swarm ring from that then it is all bs. I know kaw community won't say anything now. He only answers noobs of their noob questions or some irrelevant thing
  10. Are you dumb^ they said they're rare shut up and keep trying idiot
  11. Will future events also use psion so u have a chance to finish upgrade in the future?
  12. I'm getting more and more worried this swarm ring won't make its way into my possession..
  13. Will you still be able to use psion to enchant the rings after the event or do you need to do So this weekend?
  14. That's been answered repeatedly. Try reading?
  15. Still no answer to what we do with this when we didn't get a ring !
  16. Thor they don't care about that. Feather and eggs were so much better compared to this lucky drop bs. You had a goal and once u get there Will get your achievement. During this event I have done 100 plus hives eb but no swarm drop. Got 3k psion which will be useless for me. But devs don't care and don't pay attention to that. I'm really disappointed in devs. Who the hell is random drop so common for ppl earlier and now only 1-2 rings in a day of 8-10 hive ebs. It's just lame and bs.
  17. I feel lucky. Swarm ring is maxed. Ring 2 at lvl and the first ring at lvl 2. I hope I can finish them both. And I did have all 3 rings within the first 6 ebs I completed. However, spy builds tend to get equipment quicker but not as good in wars nowa days. But hey, no reason to be sore cause its entertainment regardless. Thanks ata. Maybe next time make an event that only new players want to play! NOT! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ATA
  18. Ok so after this event you don't get any more psion which is the only material u can use to upgrade the rings so if you don't get your ring upgraded the whole way then ur screwed..that's so stupid...thanks kaw
  19. Just to clarify the announcement message did state the remaining hornets would be converted to swarms right? cuz ive got a solid stack of swarms here that wont do any good all weekend otherwise
  20. Stack of hornets*