The End of the Hive Approaches

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  1. Hte still drops Psion
  2. Will hte still drop psion after Monday? If so, I'd still say it'd be nice to earn some psion from ee wins... Maybe I missed it? But was it clarified if hte continue psion drops after event ends?
  3. I think HTE should be able to continue to drop Psion for seal user's after the event! It'll only help to improve sales!
  4. Please donot stop hornets dropping and psion dropping. Many people need this for some days. Please dev i wish this for my first and last wish
  5. No more ring drops?
  6. Once again you greedy money grabbing devs can never do your job this event is suppose to be over what going on. Trying to get every buck you can threw hte. What a joke you guys are
  7. I would like to know how some can get that damn swarm ring first try with there tiny alt who just dropped a swarm.. yet I have done the Hive EB at least 50 times.. tried every combination some were saying is how they got it. I even dropped xtals on that EB to hopefully increase my chances to get it.. And still nothing. The Swarm ring should have had to be earned, being the best overall ring in the game. whether it be from the number of hornets you collected or whatever . And yes some could have earned it buy having the top rancor.. but some people have jobs and lives, wife and kids, cant just spend all day warring . Or Even make it purchasable with mith/inferno/aqua/ gold/ or the hornets that dropped . whatever but completely random was a horrible way to make this event equipment obtainable. most people outside of HTE clans probably never got enough Psion to fully enchant it even . So why make it a random drop?
  8. Really? Most people would take the extra psion and be happy..
  9. @Stu

    Makin sense to him is in VAIN lol
  10. Now it's over change the remaining hornets into to psion so players can upgrade

    1 swarm. = 100 psion
    500 hornets = 10 psion
  11. @NEWFY

    The swarm ring isn't that good, despite being "rare". I got all 3 rings pretty much back to back before I knew what the event was.

    There is only about 10% difference between swarm ring (a rough estimate) and the other rings - and it costs twice as much to upgrade. That 2m cs extra costs like 500 psion, whereas the first 10m cs costs 500 psion if you upgrade hive or drone ring.
  12. Less than an hour remains for the Lure of the Hive. Good luck everyone!
  13. Do you Love me?
  14. Give everyone 50 poison .show some love lol
  15. Well with the many 5 drops of Psion that I got after Devs switched it to 10, but still getting 5, I came up 15 short to enchant ring fully. Thanks Devs
  16. Buncha babies, I swear! Contrary to what seems to be popular belief in the forums KaW is a game, and not essential to life. Which means if you don't like it you don't have to play. This promotion is a bonus event that you are not required to participate in, and equality and fairness should not be factored in to that equation. Do you go down to your state education board and trash them because your scratch off lotto ticket only won $10 and not the top $100,000 prize? Same here, it's luck of the draw. And it was not required this time to do a single HTE to attain the top prize. Easier to get psion and hornets maybe, but if you were diligent enough to be active in a hive every 2-3 ebs then you had just as much chance for those rewards as anyone. I am very active and jump in on an HTE clan once in a while, but I was not as diligent as I could have been in this promo, so my swarm ring ended up at lv 9. Coulda been 10 if I had tried harder. And devs, with no sarcasm in my tone whatsoever I say, thank you for my level 9 swarm ring, which took the place of my awful ass tgl snare ring.
  17. This was a bs event. U ass kissers r happy because u got swarm ring. Wat about ppl who worked hard enough to get 4k psion but no swarm ring???? It was not fair At all. Devs failed like most times
  18. Dude you wanna cry more over a free to play game. Your prepubescent rage is amusing.
  19. Come Devs Please dont discontinue pisons as i have three rings to enchant and i have pison for only one ring :(