The End of the Great Quetzal Hunt

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, May 7, 2014.

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  1. This event was just way too long. I'm fatigued and probably won't participate in the next event as a result.
  2. Happy this is over with, can't stand anymore feathers lol 
  3. Time to actually get some sleep, but i think im gonna start my own hunt, the hunt for seals !! Or not
  4. Wall me teir8 limit
  5. Ur moaning about the equip we'll of u got the best equip from moth stuff it was ok so u want it to be desent u work for it
  6. @KaW

    Can I be the Lucky Winner, please? No such thing as a stupid question. 
  7. People always find something to moan about.
  8. Nice & ty for the hunt daves hope there will be more
  9. I know I am not so lucky :'(
  10. I'm with drivewayshovelers25 I think the one lucky person that gets that flag should be ten people that got under 50 k in feathers!!!
  11. that being said I got over 50k in feathers thanks devs!!! Good job!
  12. Yeaaaaaaaaah! Im sure those will be good equips (and lol the moth equips didnt suck so bad cmon stop complaining)
  13. Be thankful for what you get and for what you have, don't start complaining.
  14. Devs I'm bored, next hunt please
  15. Nice, i hope that equip stats are good. Well dont do a event this long, well i can say that i enjoyed it.
  16. Man I got boned 2000 from 34,000 I did 3 ebs in a riw that gave me nothing
  17. get more actions
  18. If it would've went until the first end date, I would've been able to get at least 50k
  19. @baker

    I would hate that because they will get 11 boots and all the others won't even have the chance you worked harder it should be the same equal chance from 16k which I think that's so low like 34k should be the lowest
  20. now all the noobs tears start :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.