The End Of Black Hand

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  1. Sad to see this happen. A good run is always remembered, however.
  2. Enjoy ur new digs Willy n the same to ur brethren wherever they end up. BH's name will live on for those of us who had the fortune or misfortune to cross paths.

    Keep on Truckin
  3. For 6 months before the AoW/Kotfe V BH, SirHayden ran BH ...I had 3 accts there for that period. We fought several OSWs and did almost b2b HTE (won all the OSWs, I think) ...extreme, willy, pupdevil, makki etc. were never there and I do mean NEVER there. It ran perfectly fine and everyone there was happy. why "retire" the clan? Or post a thread announcing the closing? Don't you think enough of you will EVER be interested in reconstituting the clan for ANY reason in the future? ...EVER? It really only takes "1" dedicated person to keep it going. (SirHayden being the perfect example)

    Posting a "retirement/closing" thread only gives people a reason to troll in the future (or now) if you ever decide differently.
  4. I got the wrong side of bh
    At the time I hated it
    Now I admire the team
    Happy kawing all

  5. Just now reopening voodoo.. Jeesh lol
  6. Matty was owner during that OSW. Hayden wasn't even active.

    Alpha and I started that OSW, and both were there until the end of it. Pup Devil? He popped in and out but wasn't part of leadership during that OSW. Or at all when I was there.

    I left BH briefly, and was asked to return by Hayden when he came back. He is an amazing owner, but like most in BH council, he has RL responsibilities he needs to tend to.

    This thread is a tribute to the last couple of years. We rebuilt, and had a great time doing it. If BH comes back again, they will have this mountain to overcome. But it is what it is.

    This clan closed, and everyone left.

    Nobody ended us. Nobody can claim that. We were at peace, and went out honorably holding our heads high.
  7. Hmm sad to see another large respected clan go. Maybe kaw is dying faster than I thought. Quite worrying actually lol.
  8. After playing actively for a little while again, I actually think kaw isn't dying out as quickly as you are indicating in this post.
  9. One of best clan around in kaw sad to hear about closing.:(
  10. R.I.P memories
  11. What OTHER large, respected clan do you have in mind?
  12. Closing a clan is always a hard decision for their council to make, so much to take into consideration before arriving at a final decision. That being said I understand and empathize with them.
    2 OSW against these guys and was some of the best time spent on KaW.
    Respect always to bacon, KoT, willy, extreme and the rest of a great clan.
  13. I Have Always Had Much Respect For You Guys

    It was an Honor To Be A Part Of OSW Against You Guys ( with Sparta Elite )

    Its So Sad To See You Guys Closing Down

    Good Luck In Future Days

    keep Kicking Arses
    Where ever you go 
  14. Black Hand handed me my first strip 4(?) years ago back when it was just a CR of barcodes. Truly terrifying, sad to see it gone.
  15. Its taken me a while to decide to post on this thread & exactly what to say cuz ive never been a big forumer. My 1st OSW with my original account was against BH & lasted almost a year. I remember & respect many of the originals of the hand, especially Ripper, he was 1 of the most hardcore KaWers of history...after a mutual CF against BH i spent some time with them & even tho they were extremely hated they had an awesome dedicated & loyal group of players...i had not been associated with the hand in years but am still extraordinarily saddened by its wishes to you all
  16. Sad to see a great clan close down. We all know your contributions to kaw. The changes in kaw has lead to many clans/players to rethink what their game experience could/would/should be. I would like to extend my hand out for a shake not as a good bye but as a until we meet the One and only BLACKHAND.

    Now go farm someone....just like the BLACKHAND players of old.

    Until we meet again ?
  17. Good Luck you guys, was nice spending some time with you 
  18. For everyone yelling for BH to disband it happened more often than any other clan