The Earth compared to The Universe

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  1. Near certainty and "impossible" for there not to be, are hugely different statements.

    I don't know what to believe tbh. I would like to believe there is life out there, for all we know, our planet could have literally been made by a different species, and left for billions of years.
  2. The problem is that we only know about carbon based life. There could be millions of other forms of life, but we would never be able to detect them. Not to mention that bacteria can survive in space, so it would be irrational to think that bacteria can't eventually evolve into a sentient life form.
  3. There's is absolutely no doubt other life exists. ....what form that life takes is debatable I. E in bacterial form or in a higher intelligent form or even something more however if you know what your talking about its nearly impossible to argue that there's no other life outside of earth's. .....yes the paramaters are more and more however with an infinite universe that doesn't matter
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  6. Hey, it's impolite to diss op... Especially when they're incapable of originality.
  7. I did not copy and paste. I took facts and figures from different sites and put them in my own words.
  8. It also comes out to be that we have only been listening to the universe for signs of life and communication for about 50 years or so. Which is a very short window to have been listening on the scale of things.
  9. Out of curiosity, what's the religious angle on this?
  10. Yeah.
  11. I don't think any religions have come up with a suitable way to explain all of this and apply it to their beliefs.
  12. NASA confirmed water on Mars. Not only is it almost definite that there is life out in the universe (not agreeing to aliens having visited earth just yet), but it may even be found in our closest neighbor.
  13. I guess earth is denser due to the amount of "dense" individuals out there, and in forums
  14. As for life being found... We don't mean intelligent developed life. Any type of life down to bacteria would be a very amazing thing.
  15. The Earth is Flat.
    The Sun Revolves Around the Earth.
    The Earth is the Center of The Universe.
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  16. With the hundreds of trillions of planets out there in the cosmos there is no way we here on Earth are alone. The real question is whether this extraterrestrial life is going to be hostile or not, a few years back Stephen Hawking predicted that if we did indeed meet a advanced alien species anytime in the near future it would most definitely mean the end of our race. How do you all feel about this? Should we be trying to mask our existence from the rest of the universe for our own safety?
  17. I'd feel threatened if Stephen hawking knew how to overcome a speed bump, listen up, the hawking might sound tough, but he's not the last line or the first, or any line of defense. He's a wheelchair bound "intellectual", with some smarts. Thanks for making this topic "all inclusive" what about the rainbow brigade?
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