The Doctor is Back BABY!

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    *random applause*

    Yes, haha yes... hello, hello! As some of you may remember, my first money grabbing... I mean helpful therapy thread was created around 2 years ago. April, 2016. I can’t remember the exact date and quite frankly I am lazy and don’t want to look it up.

    But me being the money grabbing Samaritan I am, I decided to come back (because I’m broke) to help you helpless souls stuck in KaW.

    I took a 100% legitimate survey and the results are astounding.

    The question asked was:
    Do you want Dr. Snoopy to touch you......r hearts and minds once more and help the souls locked in this wonderfully dreadful and P2P world?

    Out of 100 people here are the results:

    111% said yes
    88% said yeah
    91% said of course
    95% said get out you money hungry piece of
    -1337% said no

    Those results. Man, totally real and totally not rigged! The people have spoken.


    Dr. Snoopy I am struggling. I can’t afford to feed my Nepheriun enough seals. What can I do?

    Yes yes, well here’s what the experts do. Go and get an entire credit card specifically for feeding your ghastly pet Nether King! You’ll probably end up a few tens of thousands of dollars in debt and without a house, but you’ll have some dope furniture... in KaW!

    Doc, I am having trouble understanding my math homework. What should I do?

    First, realize math is illogical and completely useless! I mean look at me, I quit math in 4th grade and it hasn’t effected me! I am a registered PhD MD MBA ABA ABC! You don’t NEEEED a degree to get a job, you can simply be a man who pretends to be a talking dog and make money!


    I... uh.. I. Like orange Donald? Like Cheeto Donald? Like spray tan Stan, beach bum looking Donald? That Donald? The safest thing for you is to buy me I mean my special program for $89.99 per hour! I will.. counsel you into realizing Donald isn’t papi, rather LIFE is your daddy!

    Now, my heavy spending audience. It’s your turn! You ask, I answer.

    Please note this isn’t being made because of Bella, but yeah kinda but not really. I just like anniversaries and telling people what to do. No, I’m not your mother
  2. hey doctor snoops glad youre back, really liked the last one.

    tell me, how do you get your hair to look so god damn good?
  3. Yo I have this problem where when I tap tap, I don't get quite enough gold for my many needs. Solutions?
  4. Haha yes the special ability of having bomb ass hair is tricky. It takes a lot of precise combing, brushing, and Dr. Snoopy’s MIRACLE POMADE! Now for just $17.38 YOU can get this amazing product!

    It also takes having hair which is something some men (and women because equality) struggle with!

    Hmm yes. Well in the ancient words of George Bush, “Ya have to declare war on terrorists to make Merica cool.” This being said, I suggest using something called a Bush Bot. Basically, it’s an app that helps you make other people do the tapping FOR YOU. It’s quite interesting, of course I think we might be talking about different types of tapping.

    Ya know, shoulder tapping..
  5. Hola doctor, how do I know if my allies are active and what precautions I should do of if they're not active?
  6. No no you want them inactive. The more active, the less fat and full of plunder they will be!! The easiest way to test activity is verbally abusing them on their wall!
  7. Hi doctor, how do I remedy my abundance of seals? Ive got just over 600 and dont know what to do!
  8. Hello there snoopy ;)
  9. Start a circus! Who WOULDNT want to see a 600 seal circus?!?! I mean cmon, it’s something even our overlord, I mean, President Trump would love to see!
  10. [​IMG] Kaw's much loved agony aunt is back and not wasting no time jumping in to all them hot topic's that we are indecisive over.Why go to amateur's for answers when you can come to the boss :- Doctor Snoopy taking over. Im so happy the one's that made it fun to be on kaw are returning. You know what i can sense doctor Snoopy? That's little cliques forming on forums thinking that they run it round here. But ohh no not over my dead body !! You know me Dr Snoopy i am passinate about what i love and i dont settle for half measures.
    Anyway Dr Snoopy :) i am so happy that you returned because i have a burning question that's been troubling me for a while.And you being like me having had a break from kaw and just now returning. I just wondered how's your state of mind since being away? I noticed a big change in mine instantly when i left i was more relaxed, with much less stress, my anxiety levels dropped. I was far less angry and more pro active with my life because i didnt have the distraction of kaw to halt me finishing my jobs. I sleept much better because not waking up so often to check for strips etc. I became a all round nicer person when not playing kaw :-o
    But you know how it is :- old habits die hard and we always return for our much needed fix of kaw.And once here we return to our former self and you know me that's being roni the troll !! Well that's what they say i am so I'll just go with it.

    But to cut a long story short with all the hate that i get i feel a rage grow bigger n bigger inside of me getting me really angry which isn't healthy for me or anyone. I mean when you're labelled " kaws most hated player " then really you're done. So i leave this question on you.For the sake of my sanity and wellbeing should i chuck forums in and call it a day ? Or for that matter quit kaw altogether and let someone else have the rein's and take over my spot.Or should i hold on for dear life and stay kicking forum ass ?
  11. Welcome back Dr. Snoopy  hope the doctor himself is doing well!
  12. This just reminds me of Doctor Doctor jokes
  13. Yes I am very well!!

    You’ve thought correctly my young Palawan!
  14. Dear Dr.,
    Since my last letter to u, u will be happy to find out I have corrected problem with my deflated assets.Thank u veri much.
    The problem I am having now is that my new precious friends are jealous of my garden hose. Any time I show up in wc I keep hearing "g-g-g-aaarden hhhhooose". How do i help my new precious friends to deal with their hose envie?
    Leaking Lili
  15. Hello Lili! It’s a very hard thing, to envy the hose. BUT it’s a very real thing. I suggest you buy a lifetime supply of Hose-Away! It’s a spray that helps you keep the envious Hose hunters away!

    Here’s a review from a satisfied customer:

    “I was paid to say this but uh.. oh what? Okay let’s start over. HI! Hose-Away fixed all my Hosey needs!”