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  1. Owner of Shadow Empire here, I'd like to get my clan on here.
  2.  Continued respect for keeping up with this list.
  3. Owner of gringotts

    link to my clan thread:

    New clan
    EB clan
    No age requirement
  4. If this gets a lot of clans interested in doing this (this can be a very cool guide once more complete) then it would get very long. If he were to include all of that info it would just get cluttered and hard to find anything.
  5. Agreed. Plus clans are constantly changing, so that would be So Much to update for the op and so much extra work.
  6. Support! great thread for newbies. ;)
  7. Support! 

    Thanks for the add...
  8. Wow this is cool. Thank u very much.
  9. Quality control update 4/3/15:
    Removed The Wings of Sorrow / Noob Training Center / TheMafia. due to disbanding.
    Removed The Thunder Buddies / Gringotts / United Front for inactivity.

    Almost 3 mos in and there's only 22 clans listed (after I've removed 11)... :shock: hmmm. Let's go KAW.

    I'll give this list another month or two to become meaningful.

  10. Hey cool can my clan be in :)
  11. Great way to promote op nice job it will maybe help keep dying Kaw alive and good clans growing
  12. Brilliant Idea Thanks for adding Ourclan
  13. Your missing BFA and Role Play Clans as primary categories. Some clans have mandatory bfa limits
  14. LOL... I guess I could add a cowbell category as well. Sheesh.
  15. Thanks Man Support️

  16. BUMP for revision / revamped list / new format.
  17. Wooo my clans on there lol
  18. Thanks for adding the haberdashery :)