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  1. Ok so earlier I was thinking, you know how clans put a clan farm in there Clan Info at times? Well why not make a section for this?

    How it works

    Basically say a player wanted to have his clannies farm someone with him? Or he wanted to share the guys epic plunder, he would request him to be put on the Clan's Battle List. Now you may be thinking one epic problem is that anyone could just randomly put someone they do not like on the list, or just abuse the list. Well there is a solution.

    Only the owner and Admins could place them on the Battle List. Players would have to request others to be put on the list.

    Another thing could be using Moose's idea on a
    Richer Clan Structure

    By using Moose's idea only the Leader,Co-Owner Senior admin(s) could put and accept people to be put on the list. I believe this idea could lead to more wars and even some PvP.

    Another Idea

    I think it would be fun to have a selected person to attack one player for a certain time, ex.

    Players on Clan Battle List:


    Ok so the owner of the cln, we will call the clan Dough, and the owner will be named Neppy. Neppy wants to have Joey farmed by one guy named Toby. But he has a problem, Jack wants to farm him also.

    The solution?

    Have a locked or unlocked button, so basically if someone in Neppy's clan tries to hit him it will say "Unable to Attack" when he tries. But the owner can select someone(s) to attack him by using a button called the "Chooser" button, basically you chose who you eant to attack him and they are able. You have the option of

    Choosing a player
    Open to all
    Locked to all


    - The OSW aspect of the game could be introduced.
    - The PvP aspect can be introduced by clans.
    - It will give players a chance to war on others.

    - So far None!

    I know this was short but it shouldn't need much explaining, its a simple idea but one that could bring more war/PvP.

    Please Post any ideas that may help this idea flow better!

    Thanks and Cheers!
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  3. Seems cool, must have posted via PC, thus why it wasn't bumped. But I support.
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  7. Why not just use CA?
  8. Support, however i do mot agree with the ability for the "lock" button. You should be able to attack anyone you please that is in your cs range.