The Buzzing Swarm - Earn More Psion for 24 Hours!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. I have plenty of purple cabbages, and only the crap ring. Speaking of, it appears that all the rings have an equal match from eb rings.
  2. Kaw community is a joker. Ppl need swarm ring not,ur bs pission
  3. Lol. This is just too funny. Wow a whole 5 more . Meanwhile if you get enough spion to max out the rings you can't upgrade them after the event either. If devs decide to let us use aqua and inferno the fail ratio will be ridicules. All that hunting for spion and the ring fails to 0 then you gotto start all over from the beginning with aqua and inferno and beat the super high fail rate lol. I wouldn't suggest going crazy with this event. There's too many flaws. Cs is and will always be the only certain garunte.
  4. Anyone need lure come here
  5. Nice....but u should have done it 48hours:)
  6. They should do it for 6 months with the amount needed to max out a ring lol.
  7. Should be the remainder of the event. Wow a whole 24 hours? Kiss my ass, devs.
  8. Awesome sauce!! Thanks devs!!
  9. Lol just got 60 psion from. Last hive xD
  10. Only for 1 day :(
  11. whats that devs small accnt s arent getting psion drops on 100 hits while big accnt getting psions even on 30 hits .......plz fix this asap!!!!
  12. KAW_Community/Devs, how about you try to be professional and announce an event before it starts? Especially when it starts and ends in 24 hours.
  13. Why dun u inc swarm ring drops while u at it?

    | | || | |
  14. This promo still blows.
  15. Blows like a beached 
  16. What??????
    Increase, I got no notifications of such generosity. Please Extend your kindness unto us noobs for a bit longer. Would be greatly appreciated £8^)
  17. Lol I didn't get any
  18. I really hope your planning on increasing ring drop rate for 24 hours soon