The Buried Continent Part VI: The Battle of Deepmine

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  1. The Spire of the Sleepless Orbs has been rendered powerless, and the Dugorim camp has been thrown into chaos!

    This is your only chance! You lead your armies into the final battle for the very soul of Deepmine itself!"


    For this event you won't have to worry about unique upgrade materials or unusual progression paths. All you'll need to upgrade them is good old Aqua and Inferno.

    As you progress through Legends you will earn several ARMOR and WEAPON equipment of various tiers. Feel free to keep them or turn them into permanent charms!

    A New Legend Begins!

    New Legends await! Tap the Legends button to begin.

    Note: If you do not see any Legends, you may need to restart the app. And keep an eye out for new Legends that may appear throughout the week and as you progress and finish previous Legends!
  2. That's some sexy looking equip devs
  3. That's some sexy looking user right here.
  4. Hammer is off hand or main hand?
  5. Main hand, we already got off hand equip 2 events ago.

  6. That's some sexy looking Dev right here.
  8. Can you please find somewhere to post all the reward tiers for the legends?
  9. Seriously I might quit if season 7 isn't released in the next day
  10. Maybe after this event since this is the last one in the series? I hope so.
  11. Battle of Deepmine? Will there be Balrogs?
  12. No, they wont let us pass.

  13. S7 might be around the corner but i'm not holding out it will be anything special. I expect nothing new then when over the long wait for us to think some changes and improvements might happen. Wouldn't bet a plugged nickle on that but there will the annual forums asking for this n that. Groundhog Day

    I to have contemplated packing it in cuz sick and tired of eb events with EE and PVP an added sideshow only. If the devs have nothing cooking they won't be eating my cash anymore and btw spending has been on hold and I see no reason it will change with this status quo.

    There is absolutely no indication or reason believe this time next year anything will have changed. A new eb or whatever counts nada who cares about more tap tap leading towards nothing? Not me but the collectors will.
  14. Season wars are usually in late July or early august, there is none this year hence the fact they can't really top the equipment released now.
  15. We can dream
  16. Is it the last event ? Or is there a banner coming up next ?
  17. Do we know this one is the last one though? :(
  18. It says that you can turn the equipment into permanent charms. I was just wondering, how do I do that?
  19. Go to mage and swipe left. Then you can transmute equip Into permanent charms that don't take up an equip slot but, will have less stat bonuses
  20. Due to outright boredom and the lethargy these events have created idc about my usual top 100 chase nor Wars. Simply put the devs themselves r boring and unimaginative like this game has become. FYI I'm not here to rant but I am posting my fast dwindling interest and the idgaf meter is activated. The non-stop bauble n trinkets collecting is for kiddies.


    Whatever happened to clearing out the useless old events crap?